How Do Polls Work?

Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. We’ll make the most popular products available on the site in limited-time events called “product runs.” Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone Bu
by a community member
336 votes
Shure SM7B Microphone with Switchable Response | Guitar Center
by a community member
93 votes Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout Edition: Musical Ins
by a community member
85 votes
RØDE Microphones - NT-USB
22 votes
Audio-Technica AT2020
by Jesus
13 votes
by a community member
8 votes
MXL 770
8 votes
Samson Go Mic
8 votes
E100s | CAD AUDIO - The Brand Used by Professionals
by Dana
7 votes
Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone
6 votes
by a community member
5 votes