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60% Aluminum Case

60% Aluminum Case

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Product Description
While you’d be fine leaving your new 60% keyboard out on your desk, you can refine your desk design with a slight structural upgrade. Made from durable aluminum and compatible with any 60% mechanical keyboard, the Vortex Aluminum 60% Case brings you a hefty base with a stylish finishes Read More

Jan 9, 2016
On the next drop, it'd be awesome if you guys did a case in black!
Dec 17, 2015
Is the case red or pink? Anyone own a red one and have some pictures?
Sep 28, 2015
Received my silver today and it looks quite fantastic!
Sep 17, 2015
Good news group. We’re glad to report that all of the orders have been shipped out from our warehouse and are now on the way to you. Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page:
Sep 11, 2015
After doing our due diligence, we concluded that the cases we received were in fact Gold and that the vendor made a shipping error. We immediately flagged this to the vendor the moment we made our conclusion. The outstanding Silver cases were picked up today from their location and will take about a week for them to arrive at our warehouse. Our team will be standing by to immediately ship these cases back out!
Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 9/18 or sooner if something comes up.
Sep 11, 2015
ArthurMSo to recap: 1 September: received wrong colors 4 September: vendors says you didn't 11 September: conclude you received wrong colors
I'm not expecting express delivery from Massdrop, but this is a bit less than impressive, isn't it?
Sep 4, 2015
Another quick update for the group. We spoke with the vendor, and they believe that there was a receiving error made by our warehouse team. Apparently the Silver and Gold cases look very similar, and our team may have received the Silver cases under Gold. While this would be an easy distinction for our buying team, our warehouse team is not quite as familiar, so there are a couple extra steps we need to take to confirm one way or the other. If we confirm that they are indeed Silver, they will be dispatched immediately.
If we confirm that they are Gold, our vendor has already agreed that they will immediately send us the Silvers.
Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 9/10 or sooner if something comes up.
Sep 1, 2015
... There is no way I'm taking a gold case instead of a silver, at least.
Sep 1, 2015
Quick update for the group. So we received the bulk shipment this morning, and our warehouse team has already begun fulfilling your individual orders. Unfortunately, our vendor made a shipping error and instead of sending us Silver cases, they sent us Gold cases. We have brought this to their attention, and they are now looking into the cause of this error as well as a solution.
Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 9/3 or sooner if something comes up.
Aug 25, 2015
We are back with some good news. This drop is currently progressing a couple days ahead of schedule. Tracking on our shipment is showing that our cargo will be arriving at our warehouse this Wednesday. Once the cargo arrives, our team will be prioritizing this order and will aim to turn it around the same day!
Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 8/31 or sooner if something comes up.
what's the chance of this getting run again with black or dark grey anodizing?
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