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Aug 10, 2015
I did the headphone mod and then put at 3.5mm male end back on the stock cable so I could still use it. So much better when walking around to not have 10 of cable. Also got a cable with an inline mic so I can use it on the phone as well.
Parts list: 3.5mm jack to repair the original cable when cut. Decent quality and ease of installation. This fits the original cable very nicely.
3.5mm female jack for the headphones. Worked great in the original hole. Ended up removing some of the cable holder and hot-gluing this on the inside for a more secure fit. Very tight, no gap from the outside, rock solid.
Nice 4' cable for portable use. Great quality similar to the original cable. The ends are nice and thin so they fit in tight spots.
Cables with inline mics. Only one mic worked well, the other cable works for music, but the mic is shot. Might want to look for better options, listing to see what I was talking about.
Aug 10, 2015
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