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Apr 26, 2016
Maybe you should stop assuming and start working in your communication skills. Read all your posts again and count the curse words you have used.....I bought many things from massdrop and it was always a good experience. Once my order got delayed, I emailed them to cancel and they simply refunded my money. Since then all my transactions were good. I have been also buying from amazon over the years there were countless of times the shipping was delayed with no follow up emails. This is a group buy website, you are buying a product with a very low pricing (at least thats the idea) so if you have to wait a little longer then wait. You dont like the updates ? Or you dont find the service to your liking? Dont buy from then again, but do not complain or curse or go out of control as there are so many of us here checking this discussion board for useful information. Ok my man? Calm down, remember it is just a headphone from a website no big deal..
Apr 26, 2016
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