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Hey, so I currently own no headphone amplifyiers. I was planning on just driving it with my Lg G3 or the ipod classic/5th gen touch until I can afford to get a little fiio or something. How bad do you think they will sound driven only by these devices?
Dec 10, 2014
myamazingnewprofileAlso interested to know, will probably buy the second drop, already stretching my budget to accommodate the K7XX so I wont be able to buy an amp straight away. I will be primarily using them from my Laptop (Asus G750JH). Will they sound that much worse without an amp?
Dec 10, 2014
UnrealmasterThey are not efficient headphones. People do over exaggerate the power necessary for these. Your phone, ipod and laptop can drive these, but not very well. You'll definitely notice a difference compared to a dedicated amp. Although, your source files will have a greater effect on the sound. Each piece in the chain can be important to the overall sound. To what extent depends. You're buying a headphone that was made with studio monitoring in mind. They anticipated the user having access to proper equipment. Keep this in mind when listening to poorly mastered files and without a decent DAC/AMP or DAP. To come full circle back to the question - You can, but it's far from optimal, and you'll likely notice a significant difference with better equipment .You could end up enjoying it as is and that's great. The less difference you notice in this hobby, the less you'll spend. Happy listening.
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