Alpha & Delta MK 2 USB-C and Lightning Adapters

Alpha & Delta MK 2 USB-C and Lightning Adapters

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Portable Adapters With Upgraded Audio Conversion

On today’s smartphones and tablets, the headphone jack is heading out. Those with wired IEMs and headphones need a solution, and Alpha & Delta has delivered. A step up from their first line of adapters, the MK2 generation features improved digital-to-audio conversion, thanks to an audiophile-grade Realtek ALC5685 chip (on the USB-C option) or a Realtek ALC4040 chip (on the Lightning model). With this hardware, USB-C MK2 adapters can decode audio up to 32 bits at 384 kilohertz — a step up from the sampling rate of 24 bits at 192 kilohertz in the MK1 line — while Lightning models have a sampling rate of 16 bits at 48 kilohertz. Available in with a 3.5mm jack, each adapter is outfitted with an eight-core, braided silver-plated copper cable for excellent strength and signal transmission.

Alpha & Delta MK 2 USB-C and Lightning Adapters

Model – Outputs


  • Alpha & Delta
  • DAC: ALC5685 (USB-C model), ALC4040 (Lightning model) 
  • Cable material: 8-core braided silver-plated copper
  • Length: 4.7 in (12 cm)
  • MFI Certified Lightning connector (Lightning model)


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Alpha & Delta MK2
Adapter. It works.
Looking and working perfectly after one year
Nice add for the iPhone XS
Dongle. It works.
Alpha & Delta MK2
Alpha and Omega nope.
Connected to my S20+ and Shure SE215
On mangird tea
Seems alright, but not that great of build quality
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