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Jul 23, 2018
i hope this ak100ii gets better after some burn in time (hoping its not a myth) sibilance is quite glaring with or without eq. could this hissssss which cuts through my eardrums be the much touted 'shimmer' ....???
Edit: it seems that sibilance is only present when using it as a DAP (even when playing tidal). sounds really good when connected to a separate headphone amplifier as a standalone DAC.
2nd edit: reverted back to iems and it sounds much better now. Not sure what sorcery was unleashed but bass reverberations is more prominent compared to before, the hissss has toned down a lot too. Premature regrets swept under the carpet.
JabberwockerCapacitor and resistor “burn-in” is real. My DAP’s manual even states that the sound quality will improve over the first 200 hours of normal volume, headphone-connected audio playback. 2013 Evshrug would be surprised to read this, but are you using AK’s included USB cable? Not all cables are equal... my cheap printer cable sounds awful enough that it’s a worse experience than listening to nothing, and the USB cables that came with my Blue Snowball Microphone and Chord Mojo clearly sound better than average USB cables. If you can’t find your AK cable, maybe snag a good one from Wireworld?
May 4, 2019
Evshrug I haven't tried mojo's cable with the ak yet. Mojo's cable is a bit too short and restrictive for connecting to my laptop so i've been using a longer generic usb cable - which is thicker than the AK one, and being inexperienced in such things, i assumed thicker is better. hahaha! Thought of curious cable but haven't taken the leap yet considering the cost of getting it shipped to my country plus customs. Thanks for the recommendations though! :D
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