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Jan 8, 2017
Received mine a week or so ago. After some hours with the new pads I'm generally pleased.
First, the price was very fair for a quality earpad. This is a boutique/unique item and their engineering was really precise. Although they're not 'cheap' when you look at actual cost to manufacture, to get any options for our headphones is more than enough reason for me to happily pay more so they can make a bit of profit.
Next, the actual material is plush and comfortable, but I notice from time to time there's a very slight 'itchy' feel from them. I guess after a couple years I grew accustom to the feel of original leatherish pads. These are similar to how my HD600 feel.
The earpad IS slightly smaller, likely just by millimeters, but enough I noticed first time. They will loosen up with time and even if they didn't it wouldn't be an issue or deal breaker.
The main reason I got them was for warmer days to reduce sweating. It's winter right now so not able to fully test, but even when the recording space is warm from the space heater blasting away these seem to allow the cans to breath better.
Unlikely the prior reviewer, I noticed absolutely no difference in sound isolation or playback/fidelity.
Installation was not particularly easy, but once I figured out the first side the second went on in half the time. I'd rather have the install be a challenge so they fit snug than the alternative.
This drop is my first and I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.
NOTE - I'm using these with my ATH-M50
Jan 8, 2017
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