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Jun 1, 2015
High price is probably due to the "middleman." AT has a US distributer or AT US, kinda like Fostex has Fostex US, some companies have gone direct eliminating the "US" and thus their products have lower prices. Just look at the Fostex US msrp and compare the price to what they are selling for street price in Japan.
However, supply and demand rules in the end. Just don't pay the inflated prices and they will drop. In this case this hp may be on the verge of being phased out, distributor has some extra stock and then seeks to dump them. I might add that when an AT hp product is close to being phased out the price drops, but when it is no longer available the price goes way up, just like Lego.
So, Binq got 'em for $96 which is a great deal. M-drop is different since they don't actually buy the product (they do of course but after they collect the money from the end buyers). Even so, and given the competition the price is too high.
Jun 1, 2015
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