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Jul 23, 2019
FYI those, with the stock cable and no adapter, may not work with your amplifier. I plugged mine into the JDS Labs ATOM, and the sound was just wrong. I need to keep the cable button pressed to get the sound as expected. I am not sure what this button even does; I have never used nor been into using remotes on my cables, even when using a phone. But I guess enough people are, to warrant the inclusion. Fair enough. That's cool. But not even including an adapter that allows us to use these headphones with a source which does not have remote capabilities? That's a little unusual isn't it? I'll see if I have a relevant adapter at home. Thankfully, when plugged into my DragonFly Red from my phone, it seems ok. I can't use the iFi Match with it, but it's not needed. The headphones are dead silent. These sound quite like I remember the ESW9s. In-spite of many reviews saying they're a little slow and not suited for metal, they remain probably my all-time favorite headphones for that genre and so many others. It's just such a pleasant sound...
Jul 23, 2019
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