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Jul 18, 2016
0 people purchased, 0 people committed. The MSI GTX 1080 with 5 people purchased of 30 for a sale price of the MSRP + $16 shipping to the US with a ship date 3+ weeks after the drop began.
I feel like the the system isn't working well on this site right now (or maybe it's always been this way?).
You need WAY more people on this site for it to be functioning at the level you want.
Jul 18, 2016
Jul 19, 2016
ihcTacticsAnd the Carbon key caps is over 800 purchases.
Seems like "the system" has no problems, but that some products work better in the format than others. Honestly, I've wondered what a site like this can bring to some categories. I'd love this not to be the case, but for instance photo gear is really not amateur-friendly in terms of tinkering any more, so we don't see many new interesting things happening on the margins, and I suspect the volume a business like B&H or Azon has means there's not much room for a boutique like MD when talking expensive commodities for which the only differences are price/delivery. Same for video cards - I don't know why I'd buy one here. (I know there were some early releases, and that's valid; I just am past the point where I care about having the new shiny a few days faster.)
In any case, this is all idle noodling. I don't have access to the financials or the strategic plan. And at this point, this drop needs one more for the low-price point with five days to go. Not a gangbusters sale, but it appears it will hit the bottom of whatever internal pricing target they had, at least.
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