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Craighill Match Striker

Craighill Match Striker

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Product Description
We’ve all been there: match in hand, futilely swiping against the worn-out striker pad to get a spark. Craighill is here to bring elegance and, most importantly, ease of use to your match-striking experience Read More

Jul 2, 2023
Actually if you find yourself in the scenario noted in the description, failing to get ignition from a worn out striker pad, chances are this product won't do much for you. This Carghill Match Striker requires "strike anywhere" matches, which contain all elements required for ignition in the match head. "Safety matches" (the most common variety) won't ignite unless struck against a striker pad containing a complementary ignition component (usually red phosphorous). Personally, I'm more interested in finding out what the owner of that desk plans on igniting, such that he needs matches handy. Maybe he enjoys a tobacco pipe when he's deep in thought, designing his next minimalistic masterpiece. I'm hopeful that given the lack of other obvious combustibles on the desk, he's planning on using one match to light the rest of the matches in the container. Those "strike anywheres" should make an awesome inferno, and the intense heat should really give the Carghill Match Striker an opportunity to impress by demonstrating how its massive 22-ounce solid cast iron body is impervious to the flaming assault of a striker full of matches. Hope the glasses don't melt.
Jul 1, 2023
Ok then, I want to hate this but may be nice on my fireplace mantle.
Nov 2, 2023
DetexI’m trying to think of a proper use for it. I want it to be cool. That’s weird.
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