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Apr 8, 2016
Thanks for participating in the CustomArt Massdrop Exclusive - Ei.XX CIEM drop. Now, we begin the process of getting your custom in-ears to you!
Here's the step of step list of what you need to do to get your custom IEM made:
1. Contact Piotr at CustomArt ( about your order. Piotr already has a list of the member participating in this drop along with the order detail, so it will be a very quick and straight forward process.
2. Once Piotr confirms the order, see an audiologist to have your ear impressions created or create impressions via a DIY kit yourself. Getting help from a professional audiologist is the most preferred method, as the definition of the impressions from DIY kits are often insufficient for what CustomArt requires.
If you decide to use an audiologist for the ear impressions, please be sure to have make each impression past the second bend, full concha (for detachable cables it is advised that there's a lot of overlaying material on impressions around cymba and crus helix part), mouth open with bite-block. Impressions have to be made from soft silicone material. Dreve, Egger or Westone brands are recommended.
3. You MUST also take a picture of the ear impressions and send to
4. Once the impressions are confirmed by CustomArt, you can ship the impressions to:
Piotr Granicki
Pulawska 28.36
02-512 Warszawa
5. For customers outside of Poland, please declare the value of the impressions as $10 and not the value of the IEMs you will receive. This is because the impressions are actually of negligible value from a customs perspective and if over valued CustomArt will be charged duties.
6. It will then takes a few weeks for CustomArt to create your own pair of the IEM based on the impression.
7. Once the CustomArt IEMs are completed, CustomArt will ship the finished IEM to you directly via FedEx from Poland.
If there's any questions or feedback at any point throughout this process, please feel free to reach out to CustomArt at or Massdrop by clicking the contact support button in your transaction page.
Apr 8, 2016
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