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Aug 18, 2016
This is a follow up on my post from 4 days ago where I said the Premium Leather memory foam pads for my Beyerdynamic DT990 pro (250 ohm) compromised the sound in a fashion that I didn't care for:
"I am disappointed to say that these earpads basically kill all that is good about the Beyerdynamic DT990 pros. I have reached out Dekoni as the print on the bottom of the lid states that "If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this product please reach out to us on our webpage or social media and we will be happy to assist you" Let's see what they are willing to do."
Well, the founder of Dekoni sent me a response where he explained the differences of the earpads and that the leather material will alter the sound from the driver because unlike the velour which is porous and absorptive of different frequencies, the leather is not porous and therefor will concentrate the sound like a funnel direct into your ears. I agree with and understand the physics of sound transmission and the absorptive and reflective properties of different materials and will agree with his assertion that my experience was just different based upon the type of music I listen to.
I have a favorite Flac track from Chicago - "Call On Me" that I did my listening tests with. The track has a nice luster on the cymbals and the horns are just outstanding that with the Beyers, just sparkle and sound outstanding. The Beyers have a nice bottom end too despite the open back design that will do justice to all music without exaggeration. The only criticism with the Beyers is that they will expose the flaws of poor material as they can tend to become overly sibilant but I love them. It was the bottom end that I did not care for with the Dekoni Premium leather earpads (please read my other review).
That being said, I want to thank Dekoni for their reply and for standing behind their product and their satisfaction guarantee. Extending their apologies that I did not have a good experience they sent me a pair of velour earpads for my Beyers for my trouble which arrived today. They also wanted to thank me for my feedback and assured me that there are doing more R & D and are diligently working towards improving upon what many feel are already outstanding earpads.
The velour earpads are not as thick as the original Beyer velour pads but are just as comfortable. I noticed right away that the Dekoni velours do not have a perforated back which as with the Leather earpads reduce the amount of room ambiance through the cans when you are just wearing them with nothing playing. I repeated my test from the previous post where I replaced only one pad and listened for the difference which again was readily apparent.
Listening to music (still with one stock and one Dekoni pad) it was also clear to to me that the bass was heavier on the Dekoni side.
I then installed the other Dekoni velour pad and found that the bass was indeed heavier but this time it did not step over the mids and the beautiful horns from Chicago's "Call on Me".
If you like to tweak your headphones, the Dekoni velour pads are a very good bass mod adding more fullness and punch without changing the brilliance that is the Beyer's sound. To be fair, it does come at the expense of soundstage because the backs of the Dekonis as previously stated are not perforated. However, this was not a real problem for me this time as the headphones were still comfortable and retained the luster and brilliance that I enjoy. It does not solve my other problem though which was perspiration which is easier to clean if your pads are leather. Until I can find leather pads that do not change too drastically the sound for the Beyers like the Dekoni PRemiums did, I will just refrain from using them when it is warm I guess.
Might I suggest that future versions of Dekoni earpads perforate the back ring to allow more transparency through the pads but otherwise, well done with the velour pads.

Aug 18, 2016
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