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Drop ALT Keyboard Soft Carry Case

Drop ALT Keyboard Soft Carry Case

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Sep 10, 2020
The latest batch of the ALT Soft Carry Case has shipped. As mentioned in our update on 7/27, we made some small tweaks to the case in response to initial feedback from the first version of the case. Specifically people wanted to be able to snug up the case flap to be "tighter" to fit smaller keyboards and the previous velcro placement (with matching horizontal stripes) essentially only allowed for a single level of tightness. We've seen a range of feedback from both the first and second versions, and will continue to make small tweaks as we seek to find the "optimal" solution. Despite it's uncommon appearance, the current version with perpendicular velcro has been strength tested (you can put an ALT keyboard in it and shake it upside down, the velcro doesn't unfasten). We expect a product like this to evolve over time, with small changes- velcro, pockets, straps, interior/exterior colors, size, etc. We'll do our best to communicate any major changes to people ahead of time. If you're ever not satisfied with what you have received, please contact customer support and they'll get you setup with a refund.
It's coming.. hopefully December/January timeframe. Will fit the SHIFT as well.
Jan 13, 2021
KevinJust following up.
It would be nice to see the orange version again.
Aug 21, 2021
I can honestly say, I've never seen anyone carry a keyboard.... well anywhere.
Sep 1, 2021
JsmI carry one of my keyboards to work everyday:)
Mar 25, 2021
I feel I'm in need of this even though I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
Jan 13, 2021
Has anyone used this case with a Space65? It's a bit longer than a traditional 65% so I'm wondering if it will be exposed at all.
Jan 10, 2021
KDBfans has hard keyboard carry cases for some of their keyboards. Here is an example: It fits my KDB75V2 keyboard perfectly. You gently drop the keyboard in and it slides into place easily. The case is not much bigger than the keyboard itself and has padding all around that protects the keyboard very well. It also has ample space inside for stowing the USB cable. The case is very well made with dual zippers that seem to be as good and durable as the YKK zippers that I have on my backpacks. It is only $35 at the KBDfans website and I'm very pleased with it. Why couldn't Drop work with the carry case manufacturer to produce similar custom carry cases for their ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT keyboards? I also bought the following carry case from Aliexpress: It fits my high-profile CTRL keyboard, but it is very snug. I have to press the keyboard in a bit (but not too hard) to get it to slide into the case. But once it is in place, it is completely in and well protected. The case has an insert that the keyboard fits into, which you can see in the photo at the link. The insert is form molded and is removable. Drop might be able to work with the manufacturer to create an insert that fits CTRL better. The depth of the high-profile CTRL keyboard seems a bit larger than what the case was designed for, but I was able to close the case cover and zip it easily with no problem, but slightly increasing the depth of the case is something that Drop might be able to work on with the manufacturer. BTW, the Aliexpress case seems to be made by the same manufacturer that made the KDBfans case. The two cases are identical in almost every way, except for the dimensions and the fact that the zippers on the KDBfans case has custom KDBfans logo, whereas the ones on the Aliexpress case says "YKK". Also, KDBfans sells a case for their 80% keyboards:, which seems to be similar to the Aliexpress case that I got for my CTRL keyboard. But I'm sure KDBfans had the manufacturer make a custom insert that fits their keyboards. One of the best parts is that that case is also only $35 at the KDBfans website, while I paid substantially more for my Aliexpress case. Drop should be able to also get similar pricing benefits if they work with the manufacturer. If you're wondering why I bought the 80% case from Aliexpress instead of from KDBfans, that's because I didn't know that KDBfans had it.
Jan 8, 2021
My keyboard has an f1 row. its 132.7mm high, would this fit?
Jan 5, 2021
Any chance of this being put for sale in your Amazon Canada Shop
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