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Drop Carina Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Drop Carina Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
Fashioned with a frosty acrylic case and programmable LED lighting, the 60% Carina mechanical keyboard kit comes together in minutes, and shines bright for years to come.
Review Highlights:
Pleasantly Surprised!
So for my first dive into the custom market I couldn't of asked for a better keyboard. The build was therapeutic and painstakingly fun. If you look past the stabs which you should, because we all know Drop's Stabs need work that's being nice about it. The case is well constructed and thought out (could use one more screw on bottom left side) 2 USB type C ports, 60% layout, easy setup and guides along the way. Did have some trouble with the flash as this was my first one, but as soon as I took a deep breath and read closely I was good to go. As for RGB works good, looks good and for me a plus. I work a lot at night and still can't remember the keys so north facing switches works in my favor so I can see what I'm doing. Last but definitely not least this is the quietest keyboard I have ever used and I Love It. 70g Silent Tactile Aliaz Switches Lubed w/Krytox205 G0, Band-aid modded the PCB, Cherry Plate Mount Stabs Modded and Lubed of course (Krytox205 G0/Dielectric Grease), Brass Plate, and White Pudding Caps. Yeah Ya boy set this SH** up right!!
Would recommend to a friend.
This is an amazing beginner and overall keyboard kit for anyone!
I bought this after I bought the NK65 Entry and I wanted to compare them, and for me, this beats it. This keyboard is literally AMAZING. The only downside I experienced or would recommend doing, is getting different stabs, just because the ones included rattle quite a bit. Besides that, this is an almost perfect board for me. Also another quick thing, putting on keycaps might require a bit of extra force usually on the ones with stabs but just check all of them by pressing them down with extra force.
Would recommend to a friend.
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Q&A Highlights:
Very new to this side of mech keyboards and this caught my attention off the rip. Is there anything (aside from the switch plate) that I need to purchase to make this a complete keyboard? I'd hate to order this only to realize I need something else!
you'll also need switches and key caps
Will this assemble without the add-on plate or do I need to also get a plate to assemble with this?
u do need a plate to fully assemble it
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Nov 27, 2020
Here's a link to the build guide/instructions. Configurator link: Flashing guide: Process is the same as the CTRL/ALT/SHIFT.
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Feb 28, 2024
Are you going to OPEN again Pre-Orders for this really amazing keyboard?¿ Please i really need it for my collection, i was waiting since 2022 but last year i was ill and i couldnt purchase it when you've opened for pre-orders... I really want to buy it...srsly it makes me sad );
Feb 20, 2024
Have had my Drop Carina with Alpaca switches for a few years now, really neat keyboard. Only department it's been lacking in is effects, I'm trying to get rainbow ripple effects with custom colors or really any other effect similar with custom colors not just rainbow I'm aware of the QMK but that's just solid colors. Is There any way I can get these effects with custom colors? I want the scrolling effect the rainbow has, but with just blue and purple. Willing to put in some effort but at the same time I'm not a software engineer.
Oct 22, 2023
So i put all my switches in and they all worked and after i unplugged the keyboard and put on my keycaps now the keyboard doesn't turn on, all that will happen now is when i plug the usb into the right port a orange led flashes twice on the bottom or it will flash once when i plug into the left port. Windows wont detect it and neither will qmk so i cant even try and flash it.
May 6, 2023
If we buy a plate at the same time as the Carina "pre-order", but the latter doesn't hit its numbers to get manufactured again, I assume both get refunded? Does drop wait to ship the plate at the same time as the keyboard?
Mar 23, 2023
i want to buy the drop carina on the drop website but it's never in stock. I really need one for a birthday gift and i can't get it off amazon because all the reviews say its untrustworthy, should i continue waiting or just buy it off amazon?
We have opened pre-orders now.
May 2, 2023
Mar 12, 2023
I just need them to bring this back so I can buy another PCB. Unfortunately my back-slash key stopped working. Changed switches, hot-swap socket looks soldered and seated correctly.
Nov 17, 2022
When would the Carina be back in stock.
Jul 6, 2023
Do they have any dates for when it will come back in stock again.
PeppaPigI do not
Dec 29, 2021
If you're looking to buy this kit do not use the stock stabs. The stems will come out of the housing forcing you to take apart your board and fix the stabs. The stabs are also very rattle-y.
Dec 1, 2021
My f key is not working
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