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Drop + Chasing Artwork Smok'n Sword Burgers Desk Mat

Drop + Chasing Artwork Smok'n Sword Burgers Desk Mat

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Product Description
The Drop + Chasing Artwork Smok’n Sword Burgers Desk Mat is an exercise in expert illustration with a touch of outlandish whimsy. Depicting an ancient mecha Knight—overgrown and forgotten by time—that has been co-opted into an alpine-style burger joint, the Smok’n Sword Burgers design is just as delicious as it is improbable Read More

This looks pretty neat. For whatever reason I'm getting Howl's Moving Castle vibes on this.
I get that vibe too!
Looks awesome. I had an idea (joking) where I would just have a deskmat picturing a guy diving headfirst, while running full speed, straight into a Buddhist gong.
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