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Drop CTRL V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA

Drop CTRL V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA

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86% would recommend to a friend
Nov 6, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
If you want to address some of the shortcomings of the CTRL, this will help
If you really want 5-pin switch support (which you should) and VIA support... this solves those issues. It also remembers the lighting scheme after unplugging and plugging back in. I had no major problems making the software work and then getting VIA to work. It delivers on what it promises. The one question you have to ask is whether they want to spend your money on upgrading your board or just buying something else. It's nice to have the option to upgrade what you have.
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May 15, 2024
checkVerified Buyer
Fits the old Drop CTRL High profile case
Board came with left alt socket not working, but still good for my use, so it prevents me from alt tabbing when im mashing keys while gaming and suddenly find that im in another screen (fortunate accident) Drop was kind to send a replacement unit to me (not sure how that turns out as it has not arrived yet.)
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Apr 12, 2024
checkVerified Buyer
Nice upgrade for my purposes.
I decided to upgrade my ctrl v1 because I was trying to use it with signalrgb software and was having trouble finding firmware that worked reliably.
Upon receiving the new pcb, I was happy to see that pcb mount stabilizer holes had been added (one of my main gripes with the ctrl v1 was the stabs) , so I threw on a set and promptly discovered that the top frame of the v1 keyboard was not compatible with pcb mount stabs. A few minutes with a dremel in strategic spots solved that issue. I found a suitable firmware compatible with the v2 ctrl and signalrgb and it works well with qmk or signalrgb. The stock fn keys still do their thing too. I am happy overall, as without noisy stabs this now makes a nice backup keeb. I am currently using it at work.
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checkVerified Buyer
Works great!
It's nice to finally be able to use pcb mount switches
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Jan 31, 2024
checkVerified Buyer
Downgrade from v1 PCBA
This is a significant downgrade from v1 unless you are a fan of only using built-in obnoxious LED effects. I don't see any good reason why you'd want to buy this if you already have a working v1 board. If you have a broken v1, you're better off finding another used v1 or buying a different keyboard. The new firmware these boards use is a downgrade despite Drop advertising it as an improvement:
  • • No edge LED control separate from key LEDs
  • • Less keybind options, more restrictive layering
  • No per-key LED control at all (confirmed by support). Your options are only what's built into the keyboard. A solid uniform color or one of the predefined patterns/effects.
  • • Web configurator unsupported in favor of another Windows program, which is silly when QMK/VIA/Vial manage to do everything web-based
  • • Supports VIA and Vial, but it is not obvious how to flash back to stock/QMK without research outside of
  • • Hardware reset/DFU button removed
  • • USB-C passthrough issues
  • • LEDs still fail to show pure white, appear the same as v1 PCBA
  • • Manufactured by/shipped from Corsair, who I've never known to make quality keyboards.
Apk07While I agree there is some functionality loss with the ability to do discreet per key LED settings, this firmware does adhere to QMK and all the various animations developed over the years. I like the discreet LED controls as well. However, in order to gain access to the new QMK animations we had to remove the per key LED feature. This is still something we'd love to bring to all our boards but it is a much longer term project. Regarding your other concerns -
  • Fn + Q should give you control to toggle between edge / per key etc
  • You can check full control on the configurator to get more free-form with your layer controls.
  • The hardware reset button was moved to underneath the spacebar for easy access
  • What USB-C issues are you having?
Feb 11, 2024
Apk07Thanks for this. Thought about upgrading but lack of per key is a killer for me. I couldn't care less about more animations.
Dec 23, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Never received item
Fedex claimed address in Hawaii was undeliverable and returned to Drop in New Jersey. Unable to contact Drop for reshipment.
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Admin User
Jan 30, 2024
blue410Hi @blue410 This is Amy with Drop Support. We're sorry about the delivery issue. We weren't able to locate a ticket from you so I've reached out to follow up. Look forward to getting this resolved for you.
checkVerified Buyer
its a PCB.
gifted to a friend to replace their V1 board that had a dying socket
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Dec 19, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
rainbow colors! so many options!
lots of RBG color options. definitely my favorite PCBA. I could never choose another brand.
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