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Drop DCX Black-on-White Keycap Set

Drop DCX Black-on-White Keycap Set

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Apr 26, 2022
Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of our new keycap profile, DCX. In case you haven’t yet, take a look at the first three story posts for some extra information on the profile. It’s been a long journey of iterating and improving to end up with a profile we are super proud of.  I’m excited to announce that the first three sets (WoB, BoW, and Genesis) have all launched as of this morning!  I have had the opportunity to handle and inspect the WoB set in person, and I have to say - the alphas on these keys are impeccable. Where some other sets might have a slight wobble to the legends, DCX are super crisp and even. In addition, the attention paid to the little details is apparent and most welcome. Have you ever noticed how some keys have multiple lines of legends on them, and they don’t quite line up left or right justified to each other? Not here. These are just a few of the aspects that have been refined during the development of DCX - see our story posts for the full details. :)  Pre-orders are live as of today, with early bird pricing of $79 available until April 30th. Prices will then go up to preorder prices of $89 until we are closer to ship. First run quantities are limited so don’t sleep on it if you’re interested.  Shipping for WoB and BoW is expected to begin by mid-June (Mac Kits slightly later), while Genesis should begin shipping by mid-August.  Cancellations are accepted up until the shipping date, with no fees charged for cancellations. No-hassle returns for US and International customers are accepted until 30 days after you've received your keycaps. Don’t just take my word for it, though. We have a few review sets making the rounds and I will update this post with links to reviewers’ thoughts on the keysets as they come in.  Also, please join at 1pm PDT (3pm CDT if you're like me :) ) for a live Q&A session regarding the DCX profile! The post will go live a couple hours early to collect questions ahead of time. Note: Discussion section for DCX keysets are all shared across the three colorways releasing today.
(Edited by moderator Jyri_Drop)
Apr 27, 2022
I'd like to see this too.
May 4, 2022
The lack of answer is telling me no, but then again it haven't been that long since your question. There's so many keycap sets i'd buy if only they had NORDE support too.
Based on images, Black on White still has the old tooling. Any update on when we'll see that? (also this comment is for BoW, but I know for some reason the comments for BoW and WoB are merged, which is a bit silly) Has the old stock run out and the images just not been updated? @HoffmanMyster
EdTheNerdWoB sold through the previous inventory a little faster than BoW, hence the split there. In both cases, they were/are waiting for a re-order, at which time they'll use the updated molds and produce the updated kitting that new DCX sets release with. We can't predict timing for the BoW restock since it will depend on when the existing inventory sells through. Edit: Forgot we chatted about this topic a while back—you know how it works. :) To directly answer your last question, it has not happened yet for BoW, so the renders and kitting are accurate for that one still.
HoffmanMysterBummer. I'll be in for a set once it runs through for sure though.
Aug 10, 2023
White on black always look great on just about any board color. Always gotta have a nice wob set, and the DCX set, is a great option. (mod edit: affiliate link removed)
(Edited by moderator Jyri_Drop)
How much longer until the V1 batch runs out? I'm waiting for the units with the updated kitting and fixed shift keys. Given the constant sales, bogos only if you get this as one item, and being common in mystery boxes, I'd have expected them to run out by now.
Aug 9, 2023
Oh, you're right. I didn't know which set you were referring to, but I thought it was WoB because is the thread I was posting. Now that you have mentioned it, I went to the BoW thread, and indeed they are the same thread. Hopefully, that one gets sold out soon as well and they launch V2/R2 (or whatever they call it) of these sets :-)
Nov 12, 2023
@HoffmanMyster any chance Drop will offer an opportunity to buy replacements keycaps for the shift keys?
Apr 11, 2023
Hi @HoffmanMyster, when DCX Hyperfuse was launched you mentioned that improvements were made (second B and updated shift). You have been asked by @RayBaer if Drop had something in mind for the early adopter, but I haven´t seen an answer to that. So I have two questions here: 1 - Any way for people affected by those issues to get those updated keys? 2 - How a customer will know if they are buying an old set or an improved one? (I think you guys should be more transparent about it) I really appreciate an honest answer from you/Drop, and as an early buyer, I´d not like to be ignored on this, thank you.
Feb 26, 2023
We seriously need an extra 'b'. It drives me insane that DCX Dusk comes with everything I need for my Alice boards, but WoB makes you buy a spacebar kit and doesn't have a 'b' key...
Nov 9, 2022
I dont understand how in a failing economy theres people jsutifying buy 100$ pieces of plastic
Jan 23, 2023
XiiNythyou probably are not interested in aftermarket GMK sets
Oct 11, 2022
NorDe Kit PLEASE 🙏
Sep 4, 2022
Paid and ordered the Mac Kit months back. Any news on when it will be shipped out? The status of shipment has been pushed back for 2 weeks and it hasn't been shipped still.
Aug 28, 2022
why not 'b' keycap in space bars kit?
kim.tyYeah, a very silly miss from drop to leave that off
Sep 12, 2022
EdTheNerdI agree. Useless kit..
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