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Drop DCX Hyperfuse Keycap Set

Drop DCX Hyperfuse Keycap Set

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Oct 27, 2022
Hey everyone! I’m super excited to announce our latest DCX keycap set, Hyperfuse. This colorway has been around for ages, and I’m just as hyped for it now as I was back when I joined the original DSA and DCS group buys in 2013. The DCX iteration that we’re launching today marks a return to the original colors from that first buy, rather than the stock colors that were used during the GMK run. Neither is *better*, but this set is distinct for that reason.  Additionally, I want to re-highlight some recent improvements to the DCX platform that were unveiled last month.  Second 'B' The first update is that we've managed to squeeze an extra 'B' key onto our alphas mold so that there are now 27 letters made with each injection of the mold (all keys are shot on the same mold so this is not trivial to accomplish). This extra 'B' key will accommodate users who are using an Alice layout, or any derivative that also uses a second 'B'. Updated 'Shift' The second update is that we've overhauled (remanufactured) our 'Shift' key molds and replaced them with a newly designed key that slightly shortens the arms on the 'f' and 't' letters, and slightly reduces the spacing between the characters. Each change on its own is fractions of a millimeter, but when combined the result is a more pleasant looking presentation of the 'Shift' modifier.

These changes first went live with the production of DCX Jasmine, and will affect all subsequent sets. Restocks of older colors (i.e. White on Black, Cyber, etc.) will eventually reflect these changes when inventory is sold and replenished. These are the first changes that we've made to the DCX product line since release and we plan to announce more changes in the coming months.  Lastly, I want to address a situation from the first GMK group buy for Hyperfuse. For those who have been around the scene for a long time, you'll know that there was some drama with the original GMK Hyperfuse group buy in 2015. Some participants who paid the original group buy runners never received their product. Although the previous situation is entirely unrelated to Drop, we want to do whatever we can to make things right. We're working with the designer to contact all of those that were affected and will be sending them free sets of DCX Hyperfuse. It may not be the product that they ordered, but will hopefully help to lessen the sting of what they went (and are still going) through.
Jan 30, 2023
HoffmanMysterI was a part of that group by in 2015 and never receieved my set :( Glad to see you guys are doing something to try to make things right even though it's completely unrelated, that's awesome. Is there any way to confirm that I'm on the list of people affected? I can provide proof of my original GMK groupbuy order if needed. Thanks!
cmaulinoYes! I posted in the GH thread just this past weekend, actually. Assuming that you still have your account over there, please shoot me a PM with the relevant details and I'll get you added to the list. With no messaging system here I think this is the easiest - let me know if that doesn't work for any reason though and we'll get it figured out. :)
please add colored mods like "hyper" and "fuse" keys in Cyan and Purple color
Dec 14, 2022
Hello, if I were to purchase this keycaps set, which keyboard should I get? ( newbie here)
Dec 2, 2022
any word when this is actually supposed to start shipping? Says ready to ship yet I havent received any notice of shipment
GettysHyperfuse orders so far are 88.8% shipped.
Nov 17, 2022
I hope the hyperfuse colorway will be carried over to your MT3 profile. I love your MT3 profile but there are just not so many colors to choose from, not the colors I love anyway. Though I went ahead and bought the cyber and the godspeed ares. But I sure hope you will add this colorway to your MT3 collection.
Oct 30, 2022
Please a 40s add-on kit or in base
Oct 28, 2022
So its a darker modo light
Nov 6, 2022
RichyzjoyYou do realize hyperfuse is way older than modo light?
Oct 27, 2022
Finally a good colorway
ohhhh, I like this
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