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Drop DCX Skiidata Keycap Set

Drop DCX Skiidata Keycap Set

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Product Description
It began as a unique colorway found on the terminals of one of the world’s first lift-ticket operators. Over time, it became a legendary Mech Keys look, brought to life in a number of keycap sets Read More

Feb 23, 2023
Do these allow the RGB LEDs to show through, or it’s just a orange lettering?
Feb 24, 2023
whallJust orange lettering, the keyboard will look something like this:
Light won't shine through the legends, but will shine around the keys.
Please convince me why I should pre-order this when there is no discount and the waiting time is uncertain. Don't get me wrong; I'll buy this if it's in stock or has a pre-order discount like any other set.
Feb 23, 2023
Damn. PBT and I’d have been in 100% these are beautiful
Mar 11, 2023
This is all well & good, but just as a friendly pointer (and I would love to be wrong), DCX hasn't even existed for "long-term" yet, and half a year is no time at all for keycap life. I know we love our plastic addiction in this hobby, and most of us enthusiats have more sets than boards; but QUALITY ABS shouldn't shine within 6-months regardless. Unless you are a carees programm—no; unless you're someone using their keyboards for multiple hours every single day, even GMK can look fine after only 6-months of use (all depends on the person & how much they sweat, what they use their boards for, etc. - of course. We've all seen posts from hobbyists who wear the texture off their new GMK in "3-4 months" from grinding daily). Just a warning from experience to avoid jumping to self-conceived conclusions. Half a year is a good start, though, if it really does still look new! Contrary to what a lot of less-experienced users claim, even PBT looses its grip & matte after use, and a half a year of consistent use would be about when I'd expect good PBT to *start* losing its visible texture (but still feel fine).
PancakeGoonI believe it’s been about a year now, can someone else confirm? I’ve definitely been running my DCX for 6 months+ for sure now, daily running them. Still look amazing. My GMK sets have never lasted this long.
Why did Drop stop offering the $20 discount for pre-ordering DCX sets like every previous set before?
Feb 22, 2023
Looks great. When will 40s and ortho be supported for DCX?
Feb 23, 2023
psxndcYes please!
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