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Drop DCX Solarized Keycap Set

Drop DCX Solarized Keycap Set

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Jun 3, 2023
Are the alphas beige or are they the same color as DCX BoW? If they're beige are the alphas the same color as DCX Jasmine?
The alphas are definitely beige. See the attached photo of DCX Jasmine and DCX Solarized side by side

Mar 28, 2023
Would these fit Keychron K8 Pro and are they backlit?
Yes for fit. No for backlit
Mar 29, 2023
I'd like to order these keycaps as my first real mechanical keyboard set, but I have no idea which keyboard base I should get. I like the rendering on this product that shows a keyboard with the same navy blue color as the keys in this set. Can anyone recommend a compatible product I could grab?
I know there won't be accent sets. But I'm curious about peripherals. Is the Aviator Cable in the mockup just a render or will that be produced for sale? Also the Drop CTRL / ALT navy boards, is that going to be solely a fully built board in the future via the icon/expressions line or will it be available as a bare bones kit or is also just a render? Cheers.
Any update here?
I don't see a very high rate of return on Q & A here but it's worth a shot. I'm trying to do some color matching to get a 10U spacebar coated to match the alphas. Would you be willing to provide the GMK swatch (or approximate) for color matching? Is it the same as the original solarized palette via Schoonover E.G. Base2 of the Solarized Background Tones? Using this as my reference point: