Drop Expression Series Keysterine Keyboard

Drop Expression Series Keysterine Keyboard

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May 22, 2022
May 9, 2022
Are these smoke key caps available separately? If not can you please add them to the shop.
Who makes this board? How is it aluminum and see through? Is it QMK/VIA compatible. Are they loaded with Drop Holy Pandas, or others? Is this kit hot swappable? Come on Drop, you know people are going to ask for these details. Why not do your copy before advertising a product?
May 16, 2022
Almost all of the details you are asking for are in the photos and description. The base of the case -IS- aluminum and clearly you can see that in the photos. The top plate and keycaps are translucent. The keycaps are Holy Pandas - in the description.
These details were not posted when I first asked this question. Read the thread...
Was about to get excited. I thought you guys came out with a new keyboard. Looks like its a drop entr just plastic. I can assume they are plate mounted stabs? I already have the keycaps and I love them. I think there was a missed opportunity to use clear switches so you don’t see the white and pink pandas showing thru the caps. Definitely a cool idea just wish it was on a fresh new board.
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