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Apr 3, 2018
I recently purchased Beyerdynamic Custom Studios (the 80 ohm variant in their Custom series) as my first step into the audiophile headphone market. I was almost settled on getting the DT770 80 ohm when I came across the Custom Studio. I think these Beyerdynamic headphones are great. So what the heck am I doing in here? Honestly I don't want a collection of headphones. I want a durable, great sounding daily driver and the Beyerdynamic delivers. However, I guess I'm intrigued by the speed and accuracy said to be provided by the planar magnetic technology and curious about open back cans allowing for a more expansive soundstage. The HIFIMAN HE4XX has both of these aspects covered. But the real kicker is the price; it is a price that allows me to satisfy that curiosity. Maybe it won' be such a bad thing having a pair of closed-back dynamic headphones that I know I already enjoy and a pair of open-back planar magnetic that people say are great as they could have their different use-cases. Anyway, thanks for offering these; this is what got me to sign-up for Massdrop. I really thought it would be many months before I got a notification on these since I signed up a few weeks after the last drop. Then I check my e-mail and was surprised to see the drop active again with what, something around 500 or so units available? Yeah I didn't hesitate and joined the drop right away! 
Apr 3, 2018
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