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Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Switches

Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Switches

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It Lives Up to My Expectation
Everyone's expectation is different. Although I have high hope for Holy Panda, I tried to keep my expectation in check. I have not tried all the switches under the sun nor do I have all type of key caps at my arsenal; but I do have quite a few to compare. I used to like clicky heavy switches and Cherry MX Blue were my go to switch. Four out of eight keyboards I currently own came with Cherry MX Blue out of the box. Two are Gateron Blue and one was Cherry MX Brown. I don't like liner type switches, but I like tactile switches. I grew tired of Cherry MX Blue after I started comparing tactile feedback and sound signature against different type of keycaps, and numerous other switches. In my option, Cherry MX Blue performs better than all three Gateron switches (Blue, Brown, Green) I tired. There is one thing that Cherry MX Blue really irritates me. That is the ringing sound I heard across all keycaps on Cherry MX Blue when I bottom out. Every time after I press down a key and release it, it gives me this subtle ring that keeps getting louder the faster I type. But none of the switches I tried came close to overall feel and sound of Cherry MX Blue until I tried Hako switches. Only Hako Royal True sounds better than Cherry MX Blue, but it was too heavy compared to Cherry MX Blue. When I compare Cherry MX Blue to Hako Royal True, it gave me the tactile feedback and sound signature I was looking for. I want something that sound like Hako Royal True but with lighter tactile that is closer to Cherry MX blue. I knew if I can get a switch lighter tactile than Hako Royal True, but a similar but more subtle feel than Cherry MX Blue, I can retire from this hobby. At least from the key switches and PCB layouts. Then, I read about Holy Panda switch that combined two switches into one to give unique sound signature. I listened to typing tests around the Internet and checked their tactile signature against all switches. I blindly pull a trigger on 110 switches twice on Drop. One set for Kira keyboard at work and another for my GK 84 at home with some switches to spare. I have never been happier to type and hear the Holy Pandas with either SA or DSA profiles. My search for perfect switch has ended. I found my holy grail. I am more than happy with my purchase. Holy Panda has stretch the itch I was having for 5 years.
Would recommend to a friend.
Better than I thought
I'd like to preface this with I did not open these switches up and lube them. These are stock. Everything feels fine to me, not sure why people are so upset. While I was waiting for these I ordered some yok housings with some halo trues and 68g sprit springs + 3203 lube and figured it would be the same. These were totally different and more tactile. Maybe it's the 68g sprit that made them not the same I'm not sure. I also bought some 67g zealios v2 and I don't understand how people say these are more tactile than holy pandas. Holy pandas were much better than zealios v2 for sure. I have shared my these 3 different switches with my coworkers and we are in agreement that the holy pandas were the best out of the 3. They are endgame switches for sure and I'll probably have to buy more than the 180 I bought on the first drop
Would recommend to a friend.
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Jul 8, 2023
The switches don't sound bad, but some of them have a double typing problem (around 12-13 switches). I don't think it's acceptable for the quality check and not worth the price.
There have been few questions about the logo change on top of the switches. Wanted to address it as we've indeed had to change the text from Invyr to Drop. In 2021 we were informed by our manufacturing partner that someone in China registered the “Invyr” trademark due to the success of the Holy Panda Switches. The person that registered the “Invyr” trademark has nothing to do with Invyr (i.e. zisb). However, since zisb is not a Chinese national and does not have any expertise in the Chinese legal system, he was not able to contest this trademark. After chatting with our manufacturing partners, we worked with them to create a 1:1 new top housing with the Drop logo in order to not violate the trademark. This does not affect the agreements we have in place with the creators of Holy Panda Switches.
Apr 21, 2023
Here is the Graph for Invyr Holy Panda from Drop hidden in the Holy Panda X page;

Mar 10, 2023
Came here to look something up and noticed a bunch of people had failing switches. After the past year or so I've had probably 10 switches or so fail on my board. I'm lucky I bought 90 for my 65% board otherwise I'd be out of luck. Every month or so I keep noticing another key stop registering and have to pop a new one in.
Mar 4, 2023
How's the sitch fam in 2023? It's still so expensive woweee!
Dec 19, 2022
So, does the current run having the 'Drop' logo, or the 'Invyr' logo? I'm seeing photos where some have one and some have the other, and it's quite confusing.
Oct 30, 2022
How far 90 pack is $85, but 110 pack is $125 ?
Sep 28, 2022
I absolutely don’t recommend these switches. Seven months in and six switches have stopped registering. I reached out to support and they offered a replacement if I send all 90 back to them, with no real guarantees that I won’t continue to have the same problem with the replacements. As much I love the feel of them, I think I’m going to have to cut my losses and find something similar that’s more reliable. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle of wondering how long until the next one breaks, especially given how much they cost. This is the first drop product that I’ve regretted buying. I just wish they would have failed sooner so I could have got my money back.
May 17, 2023
HeyitsDanIt also looks like they are not showing reviews that relate to switches dying like this /: I'm on my 5th one gone.
Sep 7, 2022
I can confirm what @Tathanis wrote. I bought DROP Signature Cyber Moon equipped with these switches, and 1 year later I must say, their quality is not great. I had to already replace two of them on my keyboard (the one under T, and the one under Right CTRL, if that makes any difference) because they only reacted when pressed really, really hard to the bottom. I contacted DROP Support and they awarded me with bonus $$ to cover shipping, but the only real option for fixing this they suggested were either to return the entire keyboard or to buy a set of switched (which is $85 for the smallest set). There's no way to buy a set of 5 or 10 switches of this type, and it seems that it's more efficient for DROP to organize shipping from an EU country and replace the keyboard, rather than offer a small set of switches as replacement ones together with the keyboard. It's a real shame, because the switches sound and feel very nice, but the quality leaves a lot to wish for...
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