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Oct 26, 2022
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Better to just buy what you want
I've been very happy with Drop in the past, so this review is a bit hard to write. I snagged one box in the first drop, and two in the second. The first box was decent (though not my style -- a risk I accept when opening a mystery box). The other two were really disappointing, though, mostly due to the lack of variety and all the duplicates. All three boxes had the same gray shine-through caps; one also had a blue shine-through which, I think we can agree, is basically the same thing. The there were three Bloom sets -- two Retro and one purple gradient. The three premium sets I got -- Ironman, Pulse, and Oblivion V2 (I think?) -- are neat. But the Oblivion(?) came in baggies, and had extras of some keys (I think I got 3 'B's) and was missing others (notably a spacebar). For the artisans, I got a Cool Kit Summer Drink Kiwi (maybe?), a Hot Keys Project Raven, and a gold Teamwolf stainless WASD set. Individually, I can totally see how the right box in the right hands could be super exciting, but the lack of "curation" and quality control ruined the experience for me.
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Oct 26, 2022
sircrayonsSorry that you weren’t happy. The plastic bags is actually the way the manufacturer - Signature Plastics (SA profile) ships their products. This is a known part and unfortunately something we are unable to change at this point. If there are keycaps missing, however, please do contact us as we work with the manufacturer to make sure you get a full set. Otherwise your boxes seem to be great. Also, thank you for writing the review. The mystery boxes have been hugely popular and we aim to fine tune the experience after each round.
Oct 26, 2022
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