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Drop + Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set R3

Drop + Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set R3

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I am in love. I am using this set on MX Clears, and it feels like the perfect combination of profile and weight to me. Coming from a DSA set, this is a huge step up in terms of accuracy and typing speed after only 24 hours, I am finding I am hitting the center of the keys without trying because the scoop guides you to the right place. I am also loving the scooped F and J over the 'nipple' version, very easy to locate. From an appearance point of view, these are a very attractive but understated set; the legends are clear and crisp, and there are zero alignment issues, so it would appear all the issues from R1 are fixed. The font is nice and bold, easy to read, and makes it stand out from the Gorton Modified I have gotten used to on other sets. I love the muted colorway, but wish I had purchased some of the brighter keys; I really wish the RGB or CMKY modifiers had an ISO enter. The caps are very thick, with zero burrs or defects, and although they are snug on the stems I had no issues. I had to remove a few keys because I forgot to use my ISO kit, and had no problems getting them off with a bit of a wiggle, and that was on clear switches that had never been used. There is a very slight texture to them which is pleasant to the touch. Overall these are an incredible set, and I can't wait to see it in other colorways!
This is easily the nicest set I own right now. Being made out of very thick PBT, these caps look, feel and sound extremely solid. The legends are nice and crisp, though upon closer inspection you can still notice they're not perfectly aligned. I'd expect MD to get this fixed after the R1 fiasco, but I'm personally not that bothered, you can't really see it from typing distance and it's something that I learned to accept with dye-sub legends. Regarding the profile, MT3 is not very easy to use from the get-go, the keycaps are very cuppy and punish inaccurate typing with their "sharp" edges. Conversely, they also reward accurate typing, so once you get used to them (about 2 days for me) they become extremely comfortable. The sculpt is perfect, not too aggressive and the flat bottom row makes it easy to use with your thumbs. The texture of the keycaps is very pleasant as well, it is somewhat coarse and grippy (but not to the point of being obnoxious), which works well with the deep top. The only issue I have is that my order has been shipped late despite multiple drop delays with poor communication on MD's side.
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Q&A Highlights:
What does it mean that these are dye-sublimted PBT?
The two most popular kinds of plastic are currently used for keyboards are: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) - the most common keycap plastic used, tends to feel smooth, is durable, a tad cheaper and easier to manufacture than PBT PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) - tends to have a “matte” texture, a bit stiffer than ABS, a bit more durable than ABS, and doesn’t develop a “glossy” look with use over time like ABS, harder and more expensive to manufacture than ABS Sublimated dying infuses the ink with the plastic through a manufacturing process Elder Sage perfectly describes: The ink sinks into the keycap just a bit so the font doesn't wear out even if the keycap gets worn down. Hence “Dye-Subbed PBT”.
What does it mean that these are dye-sublimted PBT?
Sublimation is the process of turning a substance from a solid directly to a gasious state without passing through a liquid phase. During dye sublimation, the solid dye is exposed to high heat and turned into a gas. In the gas state it is able to permeate the crystaline structure of the PBT keycap. The end result is a legend that goes below the surface of the plastic thereby making it very durable.
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Jan 11, 2024
Will bleached kit adding an orange iso enter?
Oct 11, 2023
Is the bleached kit getting restocked?
Nov 18, 2023
KontoruIt does 😅
Sep 14, 2023
Is there an ETA on when the Small Spacebars kit will be restocked (if ever)?
Jul 23, 2023
Oh, man. Been waiting so long for round 3. Was just about to order and then I notice that in the lost & found kit - for some reason the nice classic Windows logo is changed for a modern ugly one. Why? :( :( :(
Love the bleached kit. Would love to see a bleached unicorn barf kit to compliment it (keeping only the unicorns, of course).
Jul 6, 2023
Since this is round 3 and last time I couldn't say anything, I decided to do it this time. The Latin America (ES) keycaps needed some adjustments so here they are as they were supposed to be. Also added the Q@ missing. Cheers!

Jun 16, 2023
No homing add-on for ASD KL: keys?
Jun 4, 2023
Will there ever be a coiled cable in the triumph/red/off-white color?
May 25, 2023
gdi, R2 up in red. How hard can it be?!?
May 24, 2023
No ergo kit for R3? That's pretty disappointing, given R2's ergo kit was very good.
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