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Drop MT3 White-on-Black Keycap Set

Drop MT3 White-on-Black Keycap Set

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Great feel great sound perfect color scheme.
I bought these for my black GMMK Pro. I have never used MT3 style keycaps, but they feel amazing for me personally. They do take a little getting used to as they are much deeper than GMKs (cherry profile) for example, but after a week or so I can cruise with them. The added benefit is that either because of the thickness of the plastic used, or the shape of the cap, MT3 profile caps sound absolutely amazing. They have a deeper thonkier sound than you get from GMK caps. They probably aren't for everyone because of the shape, but I would highly recommend giving them a try. Setup: GMMK Pro Glorious Holy Panda's individually lubed with G-Lube Drop MT3 White-on-Black
Would recommend to a friend.
Exceptional retro-styled keycaps
A timeless colorway, a venerable classic design, and a substantial physical presence make these some of the best keycaps you can put on a keyboard - provided an enjoyment of high-profile, of course. It's hard to overstate how good these look and feel - they really are on another level in a number of ways. So why not five stars? A small number of keys weren't injected *quite* right, resulting in thinner and/or less consistent legends than intended. I'm a little unhappy with how the Z and S keys look under close inspection, but that's not enough to keep me from absolutely loving this keyset and recommending it whole-heartedly to anyone who enjoys the aesthetic. Even with the few and minor manufacturing flaws of this particular example, the quality is shoulder-to-shoulder with the very best out there - and if they manage to QC those few kinks out of subsequent runs, I'd easily class MT3 ABS as the overall highest quality keys you can put on an MX-compatible switch.
Would recommend to a friend.
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What does it mean that these are "Doubleshot ABS"?
ABS is the type of plastic. It is prone to getting shiny over time, but some greatly prefer the feel and sound that the plastic provides. Doubleshot means that there are actually two plastics used in their creation. One for the legends, and one for the body of the keycap. The image below shows the white legend plastic underneath the black keycap plastic. A doubleshot keycap means that the legends can't wear away.
What is an MT3 profile?
A keycap profile is a descriptor of its shape. See below: The MT3 profile is closer to SA (it's a tall keycap), but has some distinct differences. Designed to improve typing comfort and cradle your fingers Notably, taller profiles lead to deeper sound.
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Nov 28, 2023
If anyone has a blank 1.50 from the ortho kit that they're willing to part with, please reach out!
May 10, 2023
Please add more R0 keys for 1800 layout.
It's a shame they went with 2x 1.75u spacebars on the ortho kit and not 2x 2u. I'm very surprised that 1.75 is more common considering they don't even sell a keyboard that would use those keys, but would be interesting to know the reason behind that choice. Personally I probably would have spent many hundreds of more dollars more with drop. It's also an interesting choice to make your biggest more expensive sets not even have an ortho version. Really makes a Bogo pretty pointless for an ortho user.
Sep 25, 2022
@Drop: Please! I really miss the extra's and a centered stepped caps-lock. You have it with nearly all keycap sets, why not with this one?
yet another comment asking you to make spacebar kits for this and all the other mt3 kits you omit them from. Some mt3 sets have them, the molds exist. Use them.
Jul 29, 2022
I love Drop’s WoB and BoW MT3 sets (I have both and mix-and-match frequently), but my biggest complaint is the lack of support for ergo keyboards. @Drop can we PLEASE get a spacebars/extras kit in this colorway? Should be an easy decision since (a) you already have the tooling for them in the MT3 profile, and (b) you have customers like me and the many others in this discussion that would 100% buy it. TIA!
May 18, 2022
I just received this set but didn't realise it only had one 1 x 2U spacebar, is there anyway to get another one ordered?
Apr 16, 2022
Can It fit with evergline aqua king mechanickal switches 55g
Mar 28, 2022
Need a R4 home key so bad
Mar 18, 2022
Need a spacebar kit.
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