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Drop SENSE75 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Drop SENSE75 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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Oct 28, 2022
How will I know if I was apart of the first 300 to receive a free MT3 base kit?
Seems like a reasonable question that should not take long to answer.
Dec 6, 2022
Can anyone from the Drop team answer this?
Oct 13, 2022
Does this only come with a FR4 plate?
Comes with aluminum plate. FR4 plate is optional an upgrade available around the time the SENSE75 ships.
Hi all! I just received my Drop Sense75 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard. I am concerned in that the box rattled something awful, indicating the product was not secured inside. I opened it up and found the keyboard, the white keyboard tape, charging cord, switch and keycap puller. There were small seeds or leaves inside of the package and in the box that held the keyboard. Weird, right? I noticed smudge marks on the back of the keyboard and the small rubber feet had some dirt on them. Did I get a return? I am assuming both dampening foams are already in the keyboard, as I haven't taken it apart. It came, ready to put in switches and keycaps. Also, I am waiting on my keycap code for the free keycaps. I just get the feeling that this keyboard was put in the box without care and a possible return. I have purchased a lot of items from Drop and all of the packages were packed tight. Something is off with this one. Usually, Drop puts the keyboard into some protective covering (thin white foam bag or something) and there was nothing like that. Everything was just kind of thrown in. I have waited since November for the keyboard and not sure what to think at this point. Drop, can you confirm this is the way you are shipping these expensive keyboards?
Hi, I'm very sorry to hear about this unboxing experience. It is not normal/intended and we will make it right for you. Could you please submit a support ticket if you haven't done so already? Our CS team will get it taken care of.
When will the add-ons be released. For example, the weight, the knob, PC or pom plates, etc?
And have you fixed the RGB diffusion issues?
Mar 21, 2023
I just received the Polar Barebones Sense75 and I was wondering what are the steps to replace the knob with brass add-on knob that I bought separately. Currently, it won't budge no matter how much I pull it vertically by.