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Drop Signature Series Laser Wave Keyboard

Drop Signature Series Laser Wave Keyboard

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Product Description
There’s a major swell moving towards your desktop—and it’s bringing high-performance typing with a mesmerizing neon aesthetic. It’s our next Signature Series installment: the Laser Wave Keyboard Read More
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Mar 5, 2022
I'm struggling to find any difference between this "laser wave" edition vs the "ultrasonic" edition. Are they exactly the same, or am I going crazy?
A community member
Mar 5, 2022
I think the case is just slightly more purple?
Mar 5, 2022
Ah, okay. I was thinking that they were both just using the standard black CTRL case. The color of the case used in the ultrasonic is specifically called out as black, but seems they don't mention it anywhere here. I guess it does look a little more purple though.
coryg89The first paragraph contains the following:
  • Built on an aluminum CTRL High-Profile case with a sleek deep purple finish, 
May 18, 2022
GenjokoanAh, well.. either I'm blind or it's been updated. In any case, thanks.
coryg89I have that same feeling frequently. You are probably in good company on that topic. ;)
Diffing the specs I just found different stabilizers: "PA12 housings, UHMWPE stems" vs "Everglide stabilizers" Oh, and the Ultrasonic one also includes a "Soft carrying case". The case color is probably also different, but that's not mentioned in the specs.
Are the Everglide Stabilisers lubed?
To answer my own question - yes they are lubed.
Nov 25, 2022
are the LEDs south facing or north facing?
Jun 7, 2022
Does this version support 5 pin pcb switches? I know you can clip the switches, but that’s deal killer for me.
Apr 13, 2022
fn key doesn't seem to be registering key presses and I can't get the LED's to turn on. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Weirdly, whenever it's plugged in or I reboot my computer the LED's flash for like half a second, but other than that I can't get them to turn on.