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Drop Signature Series Laser Wave Keyboard

Drop Signature Series Laser Wave Keyboard

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There’s a major swell moving towards your desktop—and it’s bringing high-performance typing with a mesmerizing neon aesthetic. It’s our next Signature Series installment: the Laser Wave Keyboard Read More

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Sep 25, 2023
Paired Switch:Linear
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PCB Failed Inside Of A Year
Paid for a premium product and was delivered a garbage unit that died in less than a year of light use. Drop offered me $25 in store credit to make up for it which felt more like a “screw you, we got your money” response. Don’t waste your money on these or other products from Drop.
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Admin User
Sep 25, 2023
Keister@Keister This is not the experience we would like for you to have. We're looking into the issue now and will get back to you ASAP regarding a resolution.
Mar 17, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Hidden Customs Fees
Ordering from the UK costs an additional £66.00 I really think DROP should have better inform me about those types of costs which aren't negligible, especially when I already paid $349.00 for my keyboard.
Jan 9, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
An incredibly broken keyboard that will maybe break your computer
For starters, the materials used in the keyboard are top-notch. The case is nice, the switches are good the keycaps are as well. The only problem (or 5) is the fact that it simply doesn't work. From the literal moment I plugged this keyboard in, it started giving me issues. The first time I plugged it in, the lights turned on, but the keys weren't working. Unplug and replug. This is going to be a common theme here. Anytime I put my computer to sleep, the keyboard would stop working. It would still light up, but no keys would actually be registered. Unplug and replug. Speaking of putting the computer to sleep: for some reason, this damn keyboard would wake my computer up from sleep immediately. Incredibly frustrating to know my computer had been idle for hours at a time because this terrible piece of trash would wake it up. But it gets worse! One time, for whatever reason, this keyboard woke my computer up into the BIOS. I'm not making this up, and I don't know how it happened, but I came back to a computer (which had been asleep) displaying the BIOS. When I clicked "Exit" to just boot the computer back up, my motherboard gave me a code saying there was no external output device connected (Code D6 on ASUS ROG motherboards). The kicker for me, and what made me finally get rid of this, was when it stopped working in the middle of using it one day. Nothing special, I was sitting here typing away emails and work threads and it stopped working. Again, the lights were still on but no key presses worked. Here's a warning to anyone considering these keyboards, and I mean ANY keyboard from Drop: Their QC is garbage. Do yourself a favor and look around the community discussion boards. You'll see that there's lots and lots and LOTS of these exact issues I'm listing mentioned, with little to no resolution at all. I do not understand why these keyboards have such positive reviews, and it's unfortunate that the people who make discussion board threads complaining about them don't also leave reviews for people to avoid bad products. I returned the keyboard for a refund and will never buy anything from DROP again. PS. The keyboard also makes a super loud buzzing noise when you have the RGB on. I know that some PWM boards make buzzing noise to regulate the lights but this thing was loud.
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Nov 9, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Style and comfort
This is my first time owning a mechanical keyboard and it’s extremely comfortable typing with a nice weight to it.
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Aug 2, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good but came with some damage
Sounds great, feels great, but came with a bent pin on the left shift key. Took me a while to unbend it, but now it works fine. Changing your keyboard layout/making custom lighting is a bit of a pain, but that works fine as well. Overall, enjoying it!
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Jul 15, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
This is a heavyweight player
I have dabbled in mechanical keyboards before, but this is my first serious one. I am typing this review using this. It sturdy, the sounds is pleasant and confident, but not overwhelming. Different keys (letters vs numbers, vs fn etc) have slightly different sounds, but overall I am happy.
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Jun 25, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Absolutely Beautiful
Solid thumps on key press. Not clicky but similar to my 'silent' cherry MX brown keyboard.
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Solidly built - premium feeling TKL with great caps and a great colour way.
In essence this keyboard is the complete enthusiast package; Excellent tactile switches, suitably lubed premium stabilizers, a soft carry case with space for cable, keycap puller and switch puller, And, of course a high quality set of custom GMK keycaps. For it's price - If I had to nitpick in terms of the offering presented;
  • I'd hope for damping foam between the plate and the PCB or the PCB and the bottom case.
  • Mac alternative keycaps supplied for the modifiers
  • A custom colour pattern programmed onto the LEDs to better differentiate the package from a regular CTRL.
I'm really enjoying it, as for me personally it's an alternative build to my Low Profile CTRL with lubed Glorious Pandas. I'd recommend this to someone who just wants to buy a great keyboard and get on with things.

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May 26, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
The year is 2007...but it's the 80's
The high profile Ctrl keyboard has been my dream board for a while, and then I saw this layout with the sturdy frame and the brushed plum colour, and the "mesmerizing neon aesthetic" the keycaps bring to the build really ties together that whole alternate dystopian future but a stylized 1980's version of a not so distant dystopian future; whether blood dragon was the inspiration or not, that's the impression I get from it. The keyboards performance overall seems to be altogether what you'd expect from a premium keyboard, with a premium price tag, some qualities that stand out to me are for one, its noise level; with how it's put together with the aluminum frame it seems to keep noise levels down, no pingy springy noises heard, and a nice feel upon bottom out, now I took the fact that stock it came with lubed Holy Pandas, so I tried some unlubed ones I had, as well as some drop Halo switches, and some 150g spring modded Gateron greens, which are very pingy in my other builds, but although still audible the design of the chassis on the series laser wave is able to dampen a surprising amount of the spring and leaf feedback. The switches included are Holy pandas so they are obviously a fantastic touch, the fact that they are pre-lubed is also very nice; The custom stabs are super nice to have and really add to the premium feel of this beautiful board. The keycaps included are very nice and probably have one of my favourite colour layouts out of all the drop cap sets I own, even though I'm still more an MT3 form factor man myself, these keycaps still have a very nice premium feel and sound. Although this is probably the nicest keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of, there are still a couple of cons that I found because nothing is perfect and I'm not getting paid to say otherwise; although this con is nothing too serious and not without reason, it is a lot heavier than I would have expected, and that's not the worst quality to have, because that can be indicative of its sturdiness and build quality, and now I know it's probably not gonna be a board I would take on the road with me. Another thing I noticed that is no secret and something I was slightly aware of before purchasing this keyboard was its limited RGB control, and I knew there was no available software, but I was hoping there would be wider availability of onboard colour patterns, but that seems to be pretty limited to yellow, red, green, and blue, and some rainbow patterns, along with breathing; I would have liked to see the inclusion of some solid purples and pinks, but it's also not the worst thing to exclude, especially since it's something I can add in myself through the configurator. The Laser Wave is a fantastic board that I am very pleased with, and I am excited about the many! many more words that will be typed on this keyboard. This review was typed on this keyboard

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May 16, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Expensive but stylish
Cost a pretty penny but it came fully built and in perfect shape. The holy pandas are fun to type on. The purple board is a good touch to match the keycaps.
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