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Drop + SMSL HO150X Linear Headphone Amplifier

Drop + SMSL HO150X Linear Headphone Amplifier

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It’s been over half a decade since our first linear amplifier, the THX AAA 789, brought exceptionally transparent, balanced amplification to audiophiles around the world. Now, as more and more listeners chase that coveted “wire-with-gain” holy grail of amplification, we thought we’d pick up where we left off—by launching another game-changing linear amp Read More

Jul 3, 2023
The Drop + SMSL HO150X marks our first official collaboration with the popular headphone amp brand.   Some quick history, SMSL was the OEM manufacturer for the original Objective 2 and SDAC products which were sold back in the Massdrop days.  Over the years we have continued offering their products but had yet to develop a true collaboration until now. With the introduction of the Precision Linear Feedback Circuit , SMSL showed they were able to produce an amplifier with performance metrics which were on par with our widely popular AAA 789 and AAA ONE amplifiers designed to deliver incredibly low distortion. Improving on the 789 and AAA  meant that we needed to achieve high levels of output power and equally low distortion into a significantly smaller footprint.  Building off of the  SMSL HO100, we challenged the engineers at SMSL to push out considerably more power and performance. The result of the HO150X  equates to  6 Watts of output power, matching the 789 at a substantially lower cost. When desktop space is scare, the HO150X’s can also double duty as a preamp for powered speakers
Sep 10, 2023
Any of you having a buzzing sound when headphones are plugged in ? using Harmonicdyne Zeus Elite and ll my headphones have this buzzing sounds.Prior i was using a magni
Sep 6, 2023
Hello, I received a US plug with the product, I bought an standard EU power cable but I hear some sizzling/interference with the headphones. Can you tell me what type of cable to buy ? (I know it has to be 10A-250V) Thanks for help
Sep 6, 2023
Almost dead on arrival?? My 100-240 Volts unit just arrived with a 110V US cable, that I replaced with a suitable 220V grounded EU cable. The unit has 3 problems: -It seems to be more or less out of (and never really in) balance between the 2 channels, using different sources, DACS and headphones out, regardless RCA or XLR. -It gets really hot when used with for example Fostex Dekoni Blue, which is quite demanding. -After that tested, it didn't work with my BeyerDynamic DT880 600 Ohm where I bought it for. It kept triggering overload protection mode after a far too modest volume threshold. After shutting and cooling down, I can't get it up & running again because it refuses to go out of protection mode. I presume this means it died already after 15 minutes and it's useless for me..........?
I want to see Z review this.
Jun 29, 2023
I’m assuming we’ll have to wait another 6 months before we can pre-order the matching DAC?
dostoevsky233I had the same question when I saw the drop ... I was there when they drop the original 789 run and the infamous ladder implementation DAC with the same form factor not long after... hence that make me curious as to the line-up this time around.
Jul 10, 2023
OZ.Bloody.Rabbitmate, its super easy to see the orange glow
why is the power button white, you couldn't have sourced a black one?
Ares78The power button on the left has an amber glow when the amp is on.
T.FernandezIdk, maybe you guys should include some photos of the unit in a dim office
Jun 27, 2023
I'd just like a budget usb powered dac with volume knob that is small but has lots of outputs and a generic usb cable and warm sound.
Jul 20, 2023
I have the zen DAC v1 which is great but a bit too bulky to use with the laptop on the go. I want something like the nuforce udac but with better audio that also can output to speakers or tv but also have the headphones running.
Aug 7, 2023
AnjanakrishnanCheck out the SMSL C200
Jun 25, 2023
That on/off button is so effing ugly. It sticks out like a sore thumb and the style choice of it clashes with the industrial style choice of the input and gain selectors.
WabberjackerThe options we had at the time were limited due to shortages during pandemic. To qualify a new power button would have extended time to market and cost. (I realize it's not going to make the HO150x more physically attractive in your eyes) The money is in the amplification - for the price you won't be disapointed
Jun 24, 2023
Considering I still use the Drop O2+SDAC as my daily headphone driver and I'm always on the lookout for something just a bit better than it, I'd absolutely love to see this Amp paired with Grace Design's SDAC or a successor.
Jun 29, 2023
Glad for you, and I’ve heard others say something similar, which is why I’ve been looking for an SDAC for so long. But Drops probably never going to re-stock them :(
Jun 29, 2023
dostoevsky233Yeah I really hope they bring it back or make a new version with similar sound. For now I have to resort to buying from second hand market. You could either hunt for SDAC Standard (dac only) or SDAC/O2 (dac/amp combo). Keep in mind that SDAC Balanced is 32 bit only so it sounded a bit different, I like the single ended versions better (since it runs 24 bit). Cheers!
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