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Drop + The Lord of the Rings Elvish Keyboard

Drop + The Lord of the Rings Elvish Keyboard

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Aug 17, 2022
Is this hot swap or just soldered?
Aug 17, 2022
Soldered. It’s a Drop ENTR chassis/board.
Aug 20, 2022
Can we assume that ISO layout is included? It is not in reference photos but details say that this comes with Training Elvish Base Kit
A community member
Aug 20, 2022
It's not, this is a recolored Drop Entr board, which doesn't support ISO. It doesn't contain the full set of Elvish caps, just the ones that would fit on it.
Aug 20, 2022
I'd like to buy a version of this where the Tengwar alphabet is correctly-placed on the corresponding Latin alphabet. Can the alphabets be correctly-aligned? (I can direct this if necessary.)
Oct 6, 2023
There isn't a version like that for a very good reason: ANY Elvish font you would actually utilize requires you learn this exact keyboard mapping that DROP has displayed. The reason why the keyboard mapping is different is because of the way diacritics (accent marks) are used for the vowels in Elvish Tengwar. Every vowel requires 4 keys in order to place it correctly over the consonant characters of various widths. Because of that, Elvish Tengwar CANNOT be mapped the same way the Latin Alphabet is on QWERTY keyboards. I totally get that this is niche knowledge and most who buy the keyboard want to be able to easily type Elvish out, but anyone who has actually used Elvish fonts knows this DROP layout IS the correct layout. Elvish fonts require that you learn a new keyboard mapping and the mechanics of placing tehtar (diacritics) over the tengwar (characters). This is why most laymen who try to type out their own Elvish for tattoos end up getting gibberish inked on their bodies. (And why Stephen Colbert's hat for Method Man didn't actually spell out "Method" like they intended.) In short: You have to know the Tengwar very well in order to type them correctly because they can't be arranged in QWERTY format. The DROP keyboards will type Latin Alphabet fonts normally, and when you switch to Elvish fonts, you have to use the mapping that DROP has displayed on the keys. It works as intended. This is a legit question—zero hate to OP & other comments—but the answer is y'all need to learn a bit more about Elvish if you're going to type with Elvish fonts. To that end, Tengwar guides can be found online from both myself @WizardWayKris and my friend Jamie @TengwarTeacher. We're always happy to help you learn!
Sep 2, 2022
I would also like a version with the Tengwar in the correct placement. I got so confused for a moment, wondering if there was an obscure version I hadn't heard of, then I realized that they just placed the symbols randomly. That's annoying.
Sep 16, 2022
RiviellanThe worst part is that it’s advertised as “faithfully translated” :|
Sep 16, 2022
RiviellanIt’s not random. The Tengwar placement corresponds to almost every Tengwar font key mapping. So it facilitates actually typing in Tengwar vs. one-for-one translation. Besides, Tengwar and the Latin alphabet vary greatly when it comes to characters (each has ones that do not correspond in the other). For example, Tengwar uses a vast amount of diacritics and single characters that represent grouped sounds (like -th), phonetics differentiations (vowels for example), and even for different parts of speech (and, of the, a/an, etc.). So it’s not quite so simple. Just to clarify. :)
Dec 13, 2022
ChrmneiIt's like complaining that Japanese keyboards don't match up alphabetically to English.
Apr 21, 2023
ChrmneiIt could be a lot better. QWERTYUIOP transcribes to PBFVMWRS WH and a diacritic mark which, admittedly, does form part of a symbol for 'mp'
Nov 10, 2022
Hi, I tried removing the switches to lube them but cannot pull them out however I try. Are there any tricks to remove these Holy Panda X ? Does anyone else run into this problem?
The board isn't hotswap, so to remove the switches you'd have to de-solder them yourself. I wish this board had hotswap support, but, alas, it does not!
Aug 17, 2022
North or South facing led?
North facing white LED's. It's the same as the Drop ENTR keyboard.