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Drop + The Lord of the Rings Elvish Keyboard

Drop + The Lord of the Rings Elvish Keyboard

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Aug 16, 2022
Hello all! Stoked to finally announce both the Elvish and Dwarvish variants of our new Lord of the Rings keyboards! Building on the success of the MT3 Elvish and Dwarvish keycap sets launched last year, we wanted to create a complete, off-the-shelf LotR keyboard experience that lives up to the reputation and expectation set by the keycap set. I think OSHETART has accomplished just that, contributing artwork for both keyboards here (Two Trees of Valinor for the Elvish variant, Doors of Durin for the Dwarvish). Please post any questions you may have below and I'll do my best to answer! :)
Oct 12, 2022
HoffmanMysterHi I'm just wondering if these are limited stock or if this is something I can come back and purchase in 2 years time?
IsamyrAs with most items on our site, they are technically limited stock (and then a series of re-runs if it makes sense to keep stocking). Always a little hard to predict because of this, but I wouldn't be surprised if these in particular stick around for a while. :)
Jan 25, 2023
Hi, I use the keyboard connected to a Macbook but was wondering how to increase or decrease the keyboard brightness underneath the keys or make any patterns. Is this possible with a mac ?
yasmindYou can increase the LED brightness with Fn + Up Arrow, and decrease with FN + Down Arrow. Here's the full list of in-built shortcuts for reference. Note that there are no LED patterns and the LEDs are white only (no RGB).
Dec 28, 2022
Hi, I got the keyboard and it worked when I plug it in first time. But its' lights turned off suddenly and didn't worked at second time . I am using mac by the way and where is reset button on keyboard ?
fatih92Hi, did you figure this out? I would first try the key combination Fn + Up Arrow to try to get the LEDs back on. (full reference page) Let me know if that helps or if you need any other assistance.
Dec 17, 2022
HI, I just wanna say I love this keyboard! I was wondering if you were ever coming out with a matching Number-pad base to match the keyboard? I want to buy the Keycaps for the number pad but i would like a matching green base if possible! Thanks!
Dec 16, 2022
Hello, my name is Bruno and I live in Brazil, I would like to know if you ship your products to Brazil. I really want to buy the elven keyboard.
Sep 10, 2022
Adding another comment/feedback for the keyboard-only option, as I spent $200 to buy the keycaps in July. Hoping they release this option! :)
Sep 2, 2022
So I dug deeper, and found this video explaining the keyboard. (236) Use the Elven keycaps to write in Sindarin - YouTube The Tengwar on the keyboard is apparently not meant to be associated with its adjacent Latin letter but rather placed on the keyboard where its necessary in order for the downloadable Tengwar font to work properly. The small Latin alphabets are of course printed where they should be on a regular keyboard BUT just as reference for those who need it and NOT placed there to be identified with the adjacent Tengwar. For example: the Tengwar symbol placed in the "A" position is not actually meant to be an "A", its just placed there for convenience while writing with the Tengwar font and to have room for all Tengwar needed. The numbers 1 - 0 are used for Tengwar symbols as well as Tengwar needs more room than Latin. The Sindarin numbers are then placed on the F1 - F12 keys above instead. This makes sense now. but boy was that confusing and concerning (for us Elvish readers). I approve this keyboard. (Though I would of done some things differently, but it definitely works.)
Nov 14, 2022
BeariliSo cool. I was going to ask if anyone can actually read these but it seems I underestimated folks.
Aug 20, 2022
Hardcore Elvish Base Kit would a nice option. It would fit much better with us nordic folks.
E1_DuderinoYou could buy it separately and just swap the keycaps. Obviously total price goes up, unfortunately.
Aug 17, 2022
Will the keyboard case ever be sold separately as I got the keycaps for my birthday in July and have been looking to make a new keyboard for them and really just want a project instead of a prebuilt and it’s difficult to find a matching case
Aug 17, 2022
D3X__07I may be mistaken, but I believe this is keyboard-only.
HoboxUnder specs it lists
  • "Keycaps: Drop + The Lord of the Rings Elvish Keycap Set (Training Elvish Base Kit, with selections from Autumn in Rivendell Kit and added novelties)"
Keycaps are included with the keyboard. However not the whole set. If you want the whole set you'd have to purchase it.
Aug 16, 2022
Will the LoTR keyboards support MacOS?
Jan 9, 2023
are they VIA programmable? the keyboards work on my mac, but none of the mac shortcuts work and there doesn't seem to be a way to "turn on mac mode". it's very irritating that I can't use basic mac shortcuts with this board
doorsofdurinIt's not a programmable board. You'd need to use an app like Karabiner Elements to do a software swap of the two keys on either side of the space bar, so Cmd and Opt are in the right place. (Opt corresponds to Alt on Windows, which is immediately next to the spacebar, instead of one key over like on the Mac.) You can also go to System Settings and search for Modifier Keys to bring up the setting to swap the Cmd and Opt keys from within the OS, without using another app.
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