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Drop + The Lord of the Rings MT3 Black Speech Keycap Set

Drop + The Lord of the Rings MT3 Black Speech Keycap Set

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In Middle-earth, even the forces of evil get their own language. In our latest collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises, that language gets its own keycap set Read More

Nov 3, 2022
Dwarves and Elves weren't enough; you wanted a keycap set themed around the most vile forces of Middle Earth. Well here it is - The Lord of the Rings MT3 Black Speech keycap set. Fitting right in thematically with the popular Elvish and Dwarvish variants of Matt3o's Lord of the Rings keycap creations, the Black Speech set has a much more sinister appearance. Now you can enjoy a fully decked-out Lord of the Rings keyboard no matter your Middle Earth affiliation. Base Kits have early bird pricing of $99 through Nov 30th, and the set is expect to ship in late March 2023.
Dec 2, 2022
Looks good to me. I have the elvish set, and I can't wait to receive these. Going to look great on my dark wood case.
Nov 25, 2022
I'm a bit disappointed in this one. It isn't a Black Speech set, it is Sindarin elvish. I understand Tengwar is used on the One Ring inscription as there does not appear to be unique script for Black Speech. But all of the words on the keys are just the same words on the Elvish keyboard but a little bit more italic. I understand there's not a lot of Black Speech to pull from, but Khuzdul has the same issue yet the Dwarvish keycap set is a banger. It just seems odd to market it as a "Black Speech" keyboard when it really is a dark scheme of the Elvish keyboard. So far as I can tell, the only Black Speech is the special space bar with the ring inscription. The Elvish set has that space bar too on the accent color sets. Maybe the Elvish set is really Black Speech?
Nov 19, 2022
One thing though. Drop's "early bird" discount is a bunch of baloney. All early bird items I saw sooner or later were going on discount again and again. And some of them even bigger than "early bird". Drop X switches for example.
Nov 19, 2022
Whoa! This one looks really nice. Definitely different from kindergarten feel of previous edition.
Nov 6, 2022
So for my full size keyboard, I would need to purchase the base kit, the num pad kit, and the magma kit to have what you pictured for my keyboard. Ouch.
Nov 5, 2022
Sigh. Will there ever again be a mt3 set with normal legends and international support or was the first run of dev/tty really it?
Nov 5, 2022
fredrikpMT3 Serika and Extended 2048 have international kits, as will /dev/tty round 3 when it comes out. MT3 9009 has a Norde kit.
Nov 4, 2022
A warning for those wanting to put these on a proper HHKB; there is no R3 control or enough R4 1.5U mods. I have the Elvish/Dwarvish sets and my entire bottom row is Alt, lol. No novelty alternatives either :'( I bought the Elvish and Dwarvish sets thinking that it would have similar compatibility as previous Matt3o-designed kits, but it was a dumb and expensive mistake I made for assuming, lol. (but besides the legend inaccurate HHKB compatibility, I love the sets, so I imagine this Black Speech set is equally impressive).
How long till we can get some in dcx cool themes but mt3 is way to tall for me
genericusername1Gonna have to wait till a designer aside from Mito gets their hands on molds and has a strong desire to work with Drop.
Nov 3, 2022
No hardcore ortho set again? Drop, I don't use row staggered keyboards, I'm already a weirdo, get those gross English glyphs off of my keycaps.
Window_DumpYeah, I wanted hardcore Dwarven in ortho but no luck. I'd also love some R5 in the kitting but I think Drop and MT3 R5 broke up and just haven't told us yet
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