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Drop + Ultrasone Signature X Headphones

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Bass is a big deal—especially in today’s music. Many headphones boost bass, but the results can be sub-par, all the way down to subs Read More

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Dec 19, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Country, Jazz, Pop, R&B
checkVerified Buyer
I saw many complaints but I do like this product
ultrasone is almost best in its price range, sound quality, especially clarity, eough power and so on. I also have ultrasone signature pure version but signature X is better in regard of cubic effect and fine resoanace. I do recommend it.

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Thanks! Yup, I just became an audiophile about 10 years ago, which means you have 20 more years more then I. Once you step into the amazing world of sound, it's like the whole world opens up.
Dec 17, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Hip-hop, Jazz, R&B
checkVerified Buyer
Over drive
These are well designed headphones, maybe one of the best crafted I have experienced. There are other brands like Beats that we believe to be premium but Ultrasone makes one think about thinking and experiences. If one is serious about using these you should have an amp to drive them. Otherwise you will get some mediocre sound with words that can't be made out. Give them a listen and you won't be disappointed.
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Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Classical, Country, Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Metal, R&B, Rock
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These Headphones Sound Amazing! I Loved Them Till They Broke In Only 5-Months!
If your an basshead like me, then you will appreciate the amount of bass power these cans produce. The base gets down super low, brings on the thunder, but also the bass hits hard and punchy, which is great for rock music. The can's are fairly comfortable, since they upgraded the pads, since the original production runs. Fairly good isolation, which helps with bass response. But the cans also had the ability to produce some good highs, while keeping the mids mostly flat, preventing boomy sound. Overall soundstage is also surprisingly good to hear in such a closed back can. These can's are a basshead's dream, while maintaining some quality audiophile sound. Having said all this however, these can's have about a 5-month lifespan of heavy use. I never mistreated these can's, they never fell off my head, I never smacked them with anything. All I have ever done was simply, put them on, take them off. I'd like to clarify, that the can's still work, and produce amazing sound! However, when I was putting these on today, the right side plastic hinge cracked in several places. There is no telling how long this hinge is going to last, before its gone for good. All that plastic creaking, which sends chills up ones spine, when these can's are new, was apparently and indicator, as to the type of build quality these can's have. I would have expected a 200+ dollar pair of can's, to last longer then a cheap 50 dollar pair. IMO, both Ultrasone and Drop have no business selling these can's for 200, the build quality isn't worth it! When I contacted Drop, to get a refund, or utilize some form of warranty, Drop felt it best to consider that a pair of cans cracking in the hinge after only 5-months, was not to be considered a defect. Infact, they went so far as to claim that its accidental damage or customer misuse. I know, can you believe that? The ordasity of these people! Apparently, just putting headphones on is considered accidental damage or misuse. Just yet another company, who doesn't want to own up to their shoddy quality, and make good on a claim. Its all about money with Drop, they don't want to do what is right. Well, thats going to hurt them in the head, because I WILL NEVER BUY FROM DROP EVER AGAIN! You lost a customer Drop, and Ultrasone is on my crap list now too. Take my advice, stay away from both brands, and this headphone model.

Recommends this product? No
Thank you Phorte, I am too! You asked, how do these compare to my Denon AH-D9200's? (1) The Denon's have a much better build quality for starters, all metal headband, durable metal, built like a tank, with genuine leather in a woven pattern, for the headband cushion. The cups are made out of bamboo wood, which is great, because its considered a stable wood, and it can take temperature and humidity differences then other woods out there, and it looks excellent, with a nice real metal logo placed onto the wooden cups. (the company does this by hand BTW!) Gotta love Japan, the traditional arts. Unlike the the headband that uses genuine leather, the cup pads are made out of a higher end pleather, which supposedly resists sweat and can hold up better, so far I haven't had any issues with the pads since I got the Denon's last November, I just clean them with a baby wipe, then dry off with a baby bamboo soft cloth. Which reminds me, I need to clean my pads again. (2) Unlike the Sig X's that use a standard copper core audio cable with a single connection point, requiring super thin wiring to run through the headband to both cups, the Denon's use oxygen free silver core cabling, and it uses 2 connection points for each cup, so no super thin wiring that can break required, for running through a headband. (3) I will give it to the Sig X's for having overall more thunder power in the sub bass range. Having said that however, the Denon AH-D9200's, have much more detailed sub bass. So sure, you may not feel it in your chest like you can with the Sig X's if you boost the bass to +10DB. But if you boost the Denon's to +10DB as well, you still can get a lot of sub bass out of them, enough to satisfy any basshead, since they do use 50mm drivers as well. But as I said, the Denon's have much higher end sound, where the bass is much more detailed, and the bass hits when its supposed to hit, and it doesn't get muddied like cheap can's do, where the bass sounds like malasas. The Denon's have good separation, and spatial imaging is pretty decent for a closed back can. The spatial imaging in the sig x's was pretty much not apparent, and you were lucky to get good separation. The Denon midrange is kept fairly flat, so there is no boomy sound, which is something that I don't like in many cheap can's. And while many reviewers found the high frequency range to be just on the edge of uncomfortable for some, for me the high frequency range was muffled. (Possibly due to my setup) So I razed the high frequencies to +2DB, which corrected the issue. (4) I am powering my Denon's the same way I did my Sig X's, off an S.M.S.L SP200 AMP. But the Denon's are easier to drive believe it or not! The Sig X's are a 32-OHM can, but the Denon's are a 24-OHM can. So any desktop AMP that can provide 2-watts or more into 24-OHMS, should be able to drive the Denon's with ease. Where as with the Sig X's, I would have recommended at least 3-watts or more per channel into 32-OHMS. (5) I'm also running through an S.M.S.L M200 audio processing DAC, and using a vintage Realistic 12-band hardware equalizer unit to process and tune the sound. While the cost of the Denon Flagships is a tough pill to swallow, (Believe me I know) it was certainly worth the purchase, best decision I have made, since I became an headphone audiophile. You can get them cheaper used BTW, but be careful where you buy used. (6 Final Thoughts) Since the build quality of the Sig X's is resulting in massive levels of returns, or thrown into the garbage E-Waste, it is quite clear that the Sig X's are not worth the money, (and they went up infact!) and really should be avoided. Even the Foxtex flagships would be better then these things too, and they are known for quality sound as well. But I personally would recommend the Denon AH-D9200's.

Feb 23, 2024
Loved-It-Till-It-BrokeThanks for the detailed comparison! Much appreciated.
Nov 15, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock, World
checkVerified Buyer
They sound great but the build quality is really terrible
The headphones creak when you move them and the whole body is made of plastic it feels like it could break easily. And the creaking. How could they send these out without fixing that? Seems to be a common problem.
Recommends this product? No
Nov 4, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Country, Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Sound you've been looking for.
The case is bigger than I thought and the headphones sound fantastic. Thus far.
Recommends this product? Yes
Sep 22, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Electronic, Hip-hop, Metal, Pop
checkVerified Buyer
Very good for pop
Sounds very good for pop/electric/metal in my opinion. Vocal is a bit mellow though.
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Aug 12, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Great bassy, closed back for the price
This headphone sounds better than you think, and is about as comfortable or well-constructed as you think. I quite like my pair, but I do run it with EQ and Dekoni protein leather choice pads. To me, the design and build is a mixed bag. Yes, it creaks and feels like a lot of other cheapo headphones. And there is some risk to that. But it's also easy to find dozens of pad options, and other accessories, to tweak the tuning and comfort to your liking, and the design is very portable as far as over-ears go. Accessories are great, especially for the price. I prefer the sound of the black cables, which retain some memory, but otherwise sound like decent wire. Love that you get a 3.5mm and 4.4mm option. Pad options are great too, but I prefer the sound of the smaller pads that are not nearly as comfy. Bass is the star. There's lots of it, from 200 Hz all the way down to 20 Hz. Don't expect planar bass, but it's detailed enough to be interesting and it has so much impact. Lower mids pick up some of that bass lift, and upper mids are a bit recessed, particularly around the ear gain area. Quality-wise, they're clean but not super detailed. The Signature X can't compete with an HD6-series headphone. Treble is slightly recessed, but mostly plays it safely within the range of "relaxed neutral". Staging is not bad for a closed-back, with a slightly outside your head stage. Imaging is also solid, with instruments getting hard to place only during busy passages. Though the sound will wrap around your head, the stage is not very tall. (maybe because of the waveguide?) Closest competitor in terms of sound is the Meze 99 Classic. That headphone has a hotter upper-mid/lower treble region, and has a less damped sound, which makes sense given how easy it is to drive. But the mids are the star of the 99s, so the Signature X mids can't compete with that responsive, dynamic timbre of the 99. By contrast, the Signature X's mids are a bit slower, not as in-your-face (though still quite good). Honestly, once I EQ some of the presence region back in (ymmv on how much bass you do or don't need), there's enough substance to the mids to make the Signature X sound very coherent, balanced and satisfying. Note: I did get the first batch with reverse waveguide, and my second pair had a channel imbalance so I returned it. Keeping the first pair as it sounds fine. With those things in mind, as well as a note about how this headphone is practically begging for customization, I do recommend it with caveats.
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Aug 6, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Electronic
checkVerified Buyer
Headband broke after about half a year of desktop use, do not buy
They sound great but fell apart on my head, a $250-$300 product should last longer than 7 months. Gonna have to see if I can salvage them somehow because I loved them before the hinge gave. Would have been happy to pay just a bit more for a headband made of a reasonable material or with a reasonable design, I see bits of gear as investments and don't wanna have to replace them twice a year

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Nov 25, 2023
Drop is sleazy lowlife clowns. Obviously a hairline crack can be either. If it was me I would sue them, personally, not the company, sue the clerk who denied the work personally.
inmytaxiDrop has ruined my Christmas before it started. I returned my Sig X's 3-weeks ago, Drop has had them in their warehouse for over 2-weeks now, and they never sent me a refund. Their emails have nothing but bogus excuses that don't make sense as to why they won't issue me a refund. Drop dragged this whole ordeal out, so that it would go 180 days past the resolution dispute with Paypal, so I am double screwed now. While I believe it is Federal law in the USA, that once an item has been returned and received by a company or seller, they have within 7-days to issue the refund. Drop is far beyond the 7-day period. And then when January hits, the 6-month interest window will drop, and I will owe interest on an item I no longer own in my possession. And because of Drop, I might be homeless next year, that $216.52 would really help me pay my rent payment. But Drop would rather see me living under a bridge, then to do the right thing. Drop won't help me, Paypal won't help me, and there is just no recourse for me, and nobody seems to care.
Jul 9, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
More Than What I Expected--Broke Easy
Ultrasone is a divisive brand with a mostly negative online opinion towards their sound signature. The build quality is cheap and plastic-y. They use a commonly used headband that you can even find on sub-$50 headphones. The S-Logic introduces a spaciousness that is not always natural or undistorted. They are very bass centric which impedes the overall sound quality. To say the least, there is a lot of detraction from this brand and for good reason. But Drop hit the nail on the head with this release and with the sale going on bringing these down to $200, they're probably the value headphone you can buy right now. At that price, these things are an absolute steal. I had been using a pair of V-Moda M-100's (not the masters) I got second hand off of Ebay. Running off the Drop+THX AAA amp and the topping D10 DAC. The M-100's have been #1 in this segment for almost a decade now and as far as overall sound quality goes, these definitely dethrone them. Overall, that is. I have not compared these against the m-100 master's or the m-200's, though. The bass is much deeper in the Signature X's. These actually rumble with sub-bass whereas the V-Moda's can't even properly hit those frequencies. The V-Moda's punch harder with mid-bass, though. Because of this the V-Moda's offer a more clear and higher quality mids/highs. They are a more accurate headphone. However, the V-Moda is very loud-speakerish, closed, metallic, and sounds very close to the ear. The Signature X softens the mids/highs and blends it in to the bass better. The S-logic creates meaningful separation in this range, though. Sounds dance around your head and it brings out a clarity amidst the muddiness. It makes them more clear in the high range and muddier than the V-Moda at the same time. Definitely more blended and obscured. The Signature X's immediately sounded muted in this regard. As if the sound was being suffocated. The V-Moda's are very direct, accurate, natural, and clear whereas the Signature X's sound a lot softer. With the right type of music, the Signature X slays the M-100. There are things you can hear on these that you absolutely cannot hear on the m-100's. The extra layer of atmosphere and immersion is much appreciated. They shine their best when listening to slower-paced, bass-heavy music like southern Hip-Hop. Songs like "Take it Off" by 8ball & MJG take full advantage of the Signature X's strong points. The level of atmosphere introduced by the sub-bass is unreal. The track sounds smooth, full, and totally enthralling. The immersion of the sub-bass will "take you there". The southern accents of 8-ball and MJG blend in to the sound nicely. You could call this a hip hop headphone first and foremost. It slays the m-100 in any slower-paced, bass-heavy hip hop track with ease. It sounds several hundred dollars more expensive. Electronic music sounds excellent especially if it's more bass-heavy but less bass-y songs like from Aphex Twin suffer in comparison to the slapping, clapping and speedy m-100. The signature X sounds a league better with the right music and at their best is a much better sounding headphone. But because it is a "bass" headphone it has the typical drawbacks you would expect. Some types of music simply sound better on the V-Moda. The S-Logic truly works wonders. The soundstage is much improved from the m-100. Certain Aphex Twin songs sounded worse on this headphone because of the lack of speed, clap, kick, and slap but other songs more focused on separation sounded absolutely amazing. The way sounds dance around your head is hypnotic. It doesn't even sound like the noise is coming from a headphone. It dances around you. I launched up Quake Champions: Doom Edition to test how these perform in gaming. WOW. The S-Logic emulates surround sound incredibly. I do not have a surround sound gaming headset to compare them against, but the placement/distancing of sound was so incredible I'd imagine they'd slay most "surround sound" gaming headsets. This has to be the best "professional" or "audiophile" headphone for gaming. Basically, if bass is your forte and rap/bass music is your main genre, these headphones sound like they're $500 headphones. If you love hypnotizing yourself by separation and placement of sound, then this is your headphone. And that deep bass and separation is what makes them sound like $500. If faster paced music with lots of kicks, claps, and slaps is your forte then the V-Moda will take the cake, but it never sounds $500 with any genre although it presents an excellent overall value. The V-Moda is the superior professional headphone and it's build quality is legendary whereas the Ultrasone is plastic barebones in this regard. However, as of writing this review, the Ultrasone presents the better value at $200 with the included case, cables (including a balanced cable), and extra thick earpads. It is of important note that the plastic build quality of the Ultrasone is definitely one of the worst in this price range, though. It's actually quite incredibly bad. It works just fine and I don't think it's going to break but it's a very cheap headband. Both the V-Moda and Signature X suffer from their shell. You can hear metallic noise from the earcups in the V-Moda and likewise you can hear the plastic in the signature X but some modification with clay, felt, and filler could fix this. V-Moda wins on build quality, clarity, and anything that kicks, claps, and slaps. The m-100's thump and it's unreal when they do. The Signature X's win when at their best with an overall superior sound and they can do things the V-Moda's simply cannot when it comes to deep bass. The V-Moda's are claustrophobic in their sound and the Signature X's proprietary S-logic creates separation and openness that which allows you hear finer details in the mids/highs while at the same time muting them and making them less forward and clear. Overall, I prefer the Signature X's and anyone who loves bass, hip-hop, or electronic music will thoroughly enjoy this headphone. However, the V-Moda will be superior for any professional and anyone who wants a more universal headphone that doesn't suffer with higher-pitched, faster music. If you're a gamer and listen to a lot of atmospheric music, bass music, pop music, R&B music, hip hop music... then this is your headphone bar none. This headphone slays anything in it's category at gaming and bass. I imagine that's a lot of people. Don't let Ultrasone's negative reputation stop you from giving these headphones a go. If you game or if you love bass, then there is no better headphone until you start climbing over $500. In this regard it makes the V-Moda seem incompetent. But the caveat with that added subbass is real, though. Any headphone that introduces those frequencies will muddy the mids/highs and this headphone does do that. The V-Moda is simply speedier and claps more. DJ's, professionals, or people who prefer the higher-frequency range should go for V-Moda. Gamers and bassheads should go Ultrasone. Those that do will enjoy hearing music that can't be reproduced on the V-Moda or other similarly priced headphones and will get to enjoy the premium effects of s-logic. Music will dance around your perceptions and sparkle in your ears. The bass will fill you with immersion. It is a better sounding headphone by far with the right type of music. It's just not suitable for professionals and it does get beaten by the V-Moda in those frequency ranges. V-Moda for DJ's and other pros, people who want to hear speed and clap. Ultrasone for gamers and bassheads. Ultrasone for pure enjoyment. Which is what I am so I am very, very happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, I have to give these headphones a 4-star and not a 5. The plastic is bad. The headband is bad. It is not a universal headphone that can excel at any type of music. It is not professional or accurate. It is a colorful, atmospheric and bassy headphone. I would love to give it 5 stars for being only $200 on sale and for how good it sounds with the right music (which is truly AMAZING), But it has very real drawbacks. It can't keep up with V-Moda's speed or clap. It sounds bad with certain songs. It sounds incredible with others. This is to be expected with any headphone because of the limitations of being a headphone. But it does sound like a much more expensive bass-centric headphone. The value for the sound quality is incredible. Some of it's drawbacks are natural as a bass headphone but others are simply drawbacks across the board like the terrible headband (although it's fine in the comfort department but not nearly the best). The package with the inline microphone cable, the balanced cable, the coiled cable, the case, the aftermarket earpads is excellent. But it still has a very, very bad headband. How can something sound this good coming out of plastic like that? I dunno, but it gives you amazing bass-centric sound quality in it's price range by doing so. Either way, I have to take off a star for that. The value is still incredible, though. You get incredible value if you suffer the poor headband. But it is what it is and it cannot rightfully get a full 5 stars being as brittle and plastic-y as it is. If the headband was better it would be 5-stars all day and honestly, suffering the headband is worth it for the value it offers. 4/5 These are $400-500 bass headphones in a $200 package. Excellent accessories. Excellent performance in it's range. I should emphasize once again how bad this headband is. It's a very, very bad headband. One of the reviewers here on Drop even broke it. I can see how the plastic is TERRIBLE. It's a terrible, terrible plastic headband. You could honestly break it. But the quality at the price is still excellent. It's a major, major trade-off. As bad as the headband is, I only take off one star for it because of how good everything else is and for the fact that you're getting $500 bass headphone sound for $200 on sale. $500 sound for $200 with the worst headband in the business is a deal the devil, to be honest. It is what it is. If you suffer the worst headband in the industry, you will find yourself enjoying the best gaming/bass headphone in this price range. UPDATE: After many more hours of burning in, I'd have to say these headphones have shaped up to be even better than before. They still do best with electronic, pop, hip hop, and bass heavy music. Especially music with a lot of spatial depth like some of Aphex Twin's work or psytrance. Analogue music is still not phenomenal but not at all bad. But wow they are absolutely slamming. Way better than V-Moda overall for listening enjoyment. The headband turned out to not be as bad as it initially seems. I would still describe it as cheap compared to others and the plastic seems brittle to the touch, but it winds up being more comfortable and sturdier than it seems. I'd describe it as "cheap plastic but still good". I'm going to add back the star I took off in order to give these my full recommendation. UPDATE: Headband snapped in two different places on two different occasions. Only used them at desk have no idea how it happened. Terrible. Sounded great, though. Can't get them to fit right anymore even after trying to tape them up. Changing review to 1/5. 1/5
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t0talpr0ph3cyI completely agree with everything you said. I also wrote a review, full with updates and screencaps, showing how each step, Drop has screwed me over. Drop manipulated me so well, I didn't even realize what they were doing, dragging things out, so as to insure, the transaction gets pushed past the Paypal 180 day resolution dispute window. My Sig X's also broke, because the build quality is garbage on them! I contacted Drop on November 21st, and at first they denied my claim, until of course, I wrote my review and uploaded the email screencap. Then they agreed to return for a refund after that. I returned the headphones 3-weeks ago, and I haven't received a refund from Drop, and all I have received from them, were bogus nonsense excuses in email. I didn't find out till it was too late, that I was being manipulated. Now Paypal won't even help me, due to their stupid 180-day policy. Drop has made me a victim of fraud, because by USA Federal law, once a return has been received by company or seller, they are required to issue a refund within 7-days. We are far beyond 7-days. Drop has ruined my Christmas. And because of them, I might get the pleasure of being homeless next year, because that $216.52 would be really nice to make a rent payment, you know, that way I am not living under a bridge? Also, in January, the 6-month interest window ends, and I will get charged interest on an item I no longer own. Drop doesn't care, Paypal doesn't care. No help for me, I am completely screwed, and nobody cares.
May 24, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening
Music Genres:Electronic, Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Fun sounding, but full of plastic and incredibly uncomfortable.
So, yeah. I don't know why I bought these. I could tell from the product photos that I was going to hate them. Boy, never have I wished so much that I was wrong. They're made with nearly 100% plastic construction in a style that will have structural failures in critical points, especially with regards to the hinges. Plastic should not creak when putting the cans on. It should not creak when moving ones head while wearing the cans. It should not creak when taking the cans off. The clamp force is way too strong, and there is no way to fix that other than switching to earpads that are about as padded as a slab of plastic. The first 30 minutes of use with these cans came with a very painful compression headache. They must have been designed for people with narrow heads. I'd have been much happier if the $$ associated with all of the useless extras and storage container was used for just a LITTLE bit of steel reinforcement (or a headband style that didn't act like a plastic vise). While I'm thankful that they added a balanced cable to the mix, I kinda wish they'd have picked a slightly less cheap one that wasn't microphonic. Touch the cable and get a loud noise in the left cup. Cable moves and it makes sound in the cup too. Wonderful. Sound wise? Yeah, these are fun. Lots of low end to make the wubbawubbawubba really rattle your brain. Very nice if you're into that. Pretty crap if you want a balanced sounding set of cans, and especially worthless if you want to use them for anything resembling critical listening. About the only thing that was a pleasant surprise on these was how well they worked with tube amplifiers. I gave them a whirl with my Muzishare i3 and X3T, and they were able to use the balanced output without a mass of hum. This is pretty impressive as most of the other high sensitivity <50Ω dynamic cans I've tried on either of these amps tends to pick up the 60hz noticeably. So, after 3 hours of use they went back into their package, and likely never will be used. They'll go into the pile of cans that I hate. These Ultrasone cans are trash.
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Jun 4, 2023
FayneUm, send em to me, yeah?! 🤔😀👍
FayneYes, they are trash, and good luck on getting a refund from Drop, because you won't get one. Drop has made me a victim of fraud, and Paypal is letting them get away with it, since its past their 180 day transaction policy. Drop is an evil company, and Ultrasone is a garbage company.
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