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Dwarf Factory ArtiSANTA 2023 Christmas Artisan Keycaps

Dwarf Factory ArtiSANTA 2023 Christmas Artisan Keycaps

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Nov 30, 2023
This is the same price as buying directly from DF, and they actually offer the whole collection. Why on earth would anyone buy these here?
KCP100Other than sales or unless they acquired them at wholesale price (unlikely in this hobby), how are they supposed to seller for cheaper prices than the OEM? Anyways with DKC, members may have decent monthly discounts to use which make it worth it. In saying that, Drop has also ridiculous international shipping prices..
Nutcracker detailing looks rough af compared to typical DF quality - disappointing.
🌠The Dwarfs’ Xmas tradition continues with a new ArtiSanta Factory collection!! 🌟 🎉🔔‘Tis the season of ArtiSanta Factory - Aurora Edition! 🎉🔔 ☄✨ Come join us for a pleasant sleigh across the northern sky, where we will collect the sparks of aurora and turn them into enchanted keeb-delights! ☄✨ ❄ This limited 2023 ArtiSanta collection features 3 lovely characters: Nutcracker, Gingy and the candy-coated Sweet House! The spirit of festivity is once again encapsulated in our iconic SnowDOM profile - now enhanced with Glow in the Dark effect! ❄ 💖Let’s light up your battlestation for the Christmas fest… and preserve the season’s good cheers on your keeb for the whole new year!! 💖 🎄 We wish you a very merry Xmas!!🎄
DwarfFactoryWhere are the other three? Père Noel, Rudolph, Lil’ Elf? Buy six for a discount :)
DwarfFactoryHello and happy holidays! We have worked together with DwarfFactory to offer 3 of the lovely characters from the limited 2023 ArtiSanta glow in the dark collection; Gingy, Nutcracker and Sweet House. Be sure to grab a few of these beautiful, handmade keycaps to complete your Christmas setup!
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