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Everglide Tourmaline Blue V3 Switches

Everglide Tourmaline Blue V3 Switches

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Product Description
The Everglide Tourmaline Blue V3 Switches are an exercise in smooth action with tailored force requirements. That’s because these V3 switches bring expert construction with just the right amount of resistance Read More

Jul 26, 2022
I had a lot of QC issues and inconsistencies between switches on the Everglide Aqua King switches. Unfortunately Drop wouldn't take them back. I'm still looking for a decent clear linear switch. Do you think these switches will be prone to any QC issues that the Aqua Kings had?
Jul 26, 2022
573V0I also had issues with the Aqua King switches, and I think this is due to the full PC construction of the switch (housing + stem) and the nature of the material. I saw others say the same thing about it and how the tight tolerances of the switch plus the PC on PC combo causes a lot of binding issues when pressed. I believe these switches (tourmaline) use a POM stem instead of a PC stem with a quick google search looking at other vendors, and I also plan on switching the stems out of my set of AKs with P3 stems. If you want a 100% clear switch you can probably check out tecsee ice candy switches or gateron north pole switches. I personally don't own these switches so I can't speak on experience but there are plenty of reviews out there for both switches. There are also plenty of other options for regular clear housing + color stem switches for max rgb.
573V0Glorious is finally releasing the Glorious fox switches that come with their gmmk2 boards as stand alone switches and they are full clear and fairly decent switches, but a much lighter linear at 45g as they are reds.
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