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HECO Aurora Sub 30A Subwoofer

HECO Aurora Sub 30A Subwoofer

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Product Description
A subwoofer bolsters the low end of your audio setup by providing power and punch, while taking pressure off the bass side of the rest of your speakers’ spectra. The HECO Aurora Sub 30A Subwoofer takes on this challenge with poise, style, and plenty of power Read More
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Mar 4, 2024
is it compatible with 220v?
Good question. I found better photos on hifishark. What is sure to be an older model has the universally recognizable, red, 120/220 switch by a two pin ac plug like the one on my printer. I see no switch on the new model and the power plug is larger. Heco makes no mention whatsoever about voltages on their web site or in the manuals you can download. My best WAG (wild-ass-guess) is that it is auto switching.