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Jun 4, 2014
I keep checking back to this discussion, can someone from Massdrop chime in?
Is it possible to provide international shipping on this, or is that a no go?
Care to provide the reason for it when the last drop on this was not US only?
I am the person that started the poll that lead to Audioengine D3 and this drop and guess what? Both were not available to ship to Canada.
Perhaps that is just too bad, but when I went all the trouble creating the poll, and waiting for the product to launch, it's hard not to feel that my time and efforts were being stiffed.
I'm not trying to sound resentful, but there's clearly a lot of international people (Massdroppers?) sorely disappointed when they see this being available then found out they could not have it shipped to them.
Perhaps it's best if you do not show products that's not available to ship to my country at all rather than tease and disappoint by giving me false hope.
Jun 4, 2014
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