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Sep 19, 2017
Hello everyone,
We would like to add some information regarding the features of the new TD-Series. It is a Mac compatible mechanical keyboard.
As detailed below you can see all the features supported by the keyboard when used with OS X.
Under MAC OS X system:
F1 : Decrease screen brightness
F2 : Increase screen brightness
F3 : Mission Control
F4 : Launchpad key ( You have to activate it manually: go to “setting” —>”keyboard” —>”Hotkeys” —>”Launchpad and Dock” —>”tick off show Launchpad section” ) F5 : Decrease Keyboard brightness F6 : Increase Keyboard brightness
F7 : Backward
F8 : Play / Pause
F9 : Forward
F10 : Mute
F11 : Volume Down
F12 : Volume Up
Fn + Scrlk : Switch LED mode
Fn + Pause : Switch to Mac OS mode ( from WINDOWS mode )
Ctrl : control WINS : command
Alt : option
( Keys can be adjust by your preference )

Under Mac OS mode : Keyboard brightness adjustment is different from WINDOWS mode ( Fn + Up & Down Arrow key ) For Mac OS, it is originally built-in as F5 / F6 to adjust brightness. However, ( Fn + Left & Right Arrow key ) to increase or decrease speed remains the same.
Sep 19, 2017
Nov 5, 2017
Hey, I'm having trouble getting the keyboard to switch to mac os mode. Is there something inside the OS that I need to change in order for Fn + Pause to work? Right now it's not functioning correctly.
Nov 5, 2017
Dec 6, 2019
Did you ever get this working? I'm having the same problem. Thanks!
Dec 6, 2019
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