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IKBC TD108 Blue LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

IKBC TD108 Blue LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
With a full set of function keys and a numpad, the IKBC TD108 has plenty to offer. And thanks to a bevy of different lighting effects and speeds, it’s bound to make an impression wherever you place it Read More

Dec 24, 2019
What exactly is the extra function on the Print-Screen key? There's no information about it in the included manual, on ikbc's website, here, or anywhere else. Does it do anything at all?
Sep 23, 2017
Wondering when we can see the new DC-108 appears on MD.
Sep 19, 2017
Hello everyone,
We would like to add some information regarding the features of the new TD-Series. It is a Mac compatible mechanical keyboard.
As detailed below you can see all the features supported by the keyboard when used with OS X.
Under MAC OS X system:
F1 : Decrease screen brightness
F2 : Increase screen brightness
F3 : Mission Control
F4 : Launchpad key ( You have to activate it manually: go to “setting” —>”keyboard” —>”Hotkeys” —>”Launchpad and Dock” —>”tick off show Launchpad section” ) F5 : Decrease Keyboard brightness F6 : Increase Keyboard brightness
F7 : Backward
F8 : Play / Pause
F9 : Forward
F10 : Mute
F11 : Volume Down
F12 : Volume Up
Fn + Scrlk : Switch LED mode
Fn + Pause : Switch to Mac OS mode ( from WINDOWS mode )
Ctrl : control WINS : command
Alt : option
( Keys can be adjust by your preference )

Under Mac OS mode : Keyboard brightness adjustment is different from WINDOWS mode ( Fn + Up & Down Arrow key ) For Mac OS, it is originally built-in as F5 / F6 to adjust brightness. However, ( Fn + Left & Right Arrow key ) to increase or decrease speed remains the same.
Feb 12, 2021
How do you update the firmware? I am having the same problem but can't figure out how to actually update the downloaded firmware...
Feb 16, 2021
quickasfoxesI downloaded the file from to a Windows machine (yes has to be a Windows machine, unfortunately) It was a .rar that iKBC hosted on Google, and I unpacked it. The updater tool is "AP_27BUS_1.24_mac.ex" They named it .ex because .exe files get flagged on Google, I believe, so you'll have to rename it as a .exe Then with the keyboard plugged into the Windows machine, just run the .exe and it takes a couple minutes After the update is done, can just unplug from Windows machine and back into Mac and the macOS mode will work with Fn+Pause
Sep 18, 2017
I've heard that recent batches of Cherry MX switches released this year have been altered slightly and feel much smoother than the switches of recent years, more comparable to Gateron. Can anyone confirm?
Sep 22, 2017
GurtTractorI've got some of the retooled Silent Reds, and they are very smooth, IMO much better feeling than the Gateron Clears I have and smoother than the older Reds I have on a K65.
Sep 23, 2017
StarPupilHmm that's good to know, thanks!
Sep 15, 2017
Looks just like a Ducky One.
Unlike the Ducky, I noticed the instructions for this board don't say anything about macro function recording. The LED controls seem about the same as the Ducky though (from memory).
Sep 15, 2017
With the exception of MX Blacks, MechanicalKeyboards <dot> com has this for $94 and free shipping and zero wait!
Sep 16, 2017
deeohyeah, MD lately adopted this strategy of selling mech keyboards with 0% discount compared to ready-to-ship internet stores. No idea what they are thinking.
Sep 16, 2017
AnzialYep, unless it's a group buy and this is the only place to get it, it doesn't make sense any more. Personally, I'm done here.
Sep 15, 2017
" This drop is only offering Black case with black keycaps this time "
So does this just mean that the white case isn't available but the combo of black on black with the additional white caps are available, or does it mean that only the black on black w/ no extra white caps are available. I assume the former since they say it comes with the extra whites multiple times, but curious if anyone knows.
Also never really heard of this brand before, what is the quality like? Seems like a really great price for trying a different set of switches along with two sets of doubleshot keycaps.
Sep 16, 2017
MaynardRelating to the brand, I got the MF108 RGB Keyboard with MX Blacks on here a few months ago for $100, I've loved it so far.
Sep 17, 2017
ColoradoJones12MF108 (full aluminum) for 100$?! Now thats an bargain! Can't say the same for this drop.
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