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Ikko ITM02 DAC

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Product Description
The IKKO ITM02 DAC takes a simple, high-efficiency approach to headphone amplification. Running on the AK4377 DAC chip, supporting up to 32-bit, 384-kilohertz sampling, the ITM02 brings audio from all your devices to any pair of wired headphones with exceptional detail and headroom Read More
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Sep 30, 2022
How does this product compare to the Qudelik 5K or Radsone ES100, disregarding Bluetooth?
Hello @kihap Compared with the Qudelik 5K, the ITM02 uses the AK chip and the sound will be softer. The Qudelik 5K uses the ESS chip which is more digital. Both have their own advantages, depending on personal preference. Compared with the ES100, the ITM02 uses the latest technology with better performance and higher decoding rate. In terms of sound quality, wired connection will definitely be much better than Bluetooth. The ITM02 is very cost effective.
Sep 28, 2022
A couple of questions: Does this register button presses (play/pause, volume up/down, etc) from in-line remotes? If so, iOS or Android (or both)? And does a headphone's in-line microphone work with this?
Hello @minceyfresh. The ITM02 has no buttons and does not support a microphone. The black piece is the indicator light, it will automatically recognize the audio format to switch colors, blue is PCM mode, red is DSD mode.
Sep 30, 2022
SusanASorry, I think you misunderstood my question. I meant that if I have headphones with an in-line remote/mic in the cable (e.g., wired Apple Earpods), will the ITM02 recognize when I press buttons on its in-line remote (and speak into its mic)?
minceyfresh@minceyfresh Sorry, I did misunderstand your question. The ITM02 does not recognize the microphone. It is a product that pays more attention to the sound experience. If a compatible microphone is used, the sound quality may be degraded. So it only has audio decoding function.
Apr 17, 2023
SusanASo... If I were to press volume up/down on a headphone with these buttons, nothing would happen?
DuctTapeIsSilverHey @DuctTapeIsSilver - This product uses a professional audio motherboard, so in-line headphones with microphones are not supported.
Sep 26, 2022
Does the DAC support higher than 24bit/48Khz signals with iPhones or is that only on Andriod? Many dongles are limited on iPhones
Hello @Grateful4Music! Thank you for asking! Yes, ITM02 supports 48khz signals with iPhones.
Sep 26, 2022
Will it power the 6XX on an IPhone 13 Pro?
Hello @JDR2! It will power the 6XX on an iPhone 13 Pro. Thank you for your question!
Apr 20, 2023
The description says there's a 3.5mm aux output but I don't see it in the photos. Can anyone confirm there is one?
Jun 21, 2023
There is a USB-C input and a single 3.5mm output. There is no volume control, so that has to be handled by your source. I use this in my car to connect my iPhone to the Aux input and I max out the volume. It sounds really good in this application.