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Ikko ITM02 DAC

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Product Description
The IKKO ITM02 DAC takes a simple, high-efficiency approach to headphone amplification. Running on the AK4377 DAC chip, supporting up to 32-bit, 384-kilohertz sampling, the ITM02 brings audio from all your devices to any pair of wired headphones with exceptional detail and headroom Read More

Customer Reviews

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Jun 21, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Tiny, easy to connect, inexpensive, sounds good
I use this in my car to connect my iPhone to the Aux input. It sounds really good in this application. I was having issues with the Apple headphone dongle adding a bunch of noise to my car’s Aux input from my phone. I saw this new product and thought I would give it a try. It was roughly the same price as a new iPhone dongle so it seemed like a no brainer. I can confirm that the noise is completely gone and the sound quality is much more pleasant. I can’t confirm whether or not my phone is converting high res audio (96-192khz sample rate) down to 48khz, like with other lightning audio dongles, but it will accept high res files with no problem. I have not tested the DSD functionality from my phone—I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Also, the product is much smaller than I expected which was a nice surprise.
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Jun 5, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Tiny Package, Big Improvement
I'm testing this right now with a Macbook Pro and the Blon IEMs, and the difference is pretty immense. The bass is fuller and the overall clarity is a definitely better. I haven't tried them with my iPhone yet, but will update the review when I do.
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