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Jan 5, 2018
So, question to others who've bought consistently from JellyKey before, but do you think that this drop's red Lion cap doesn't have the same quality of sculpting compared to their other caps? I ask because my Lion's head looks kind of asymmetrical, and looks like he has a bit of a "derp" face going on. The eye level is not the same, the mouth is a bit offset to the side, and looking from the top of the Lions head, it looks like his face is tilted to his left.
Meanwhile, I also just received caps from JellyKey's own GB for the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern, and the caps I received from that are absolutely phenomenal. Both the pumpkin ones are very well done, and the gooey effects on the brain cap are amazing. I'm not sure what's the cause in the difference in quality changes between these two different group buys (I also don't know if sculpting the Lion is much much harder than sculpting other drops, e.g. the Fly Me To The Moon or Halloween GB's), but I wanted to ask if anyone else noticed this.
Since JellyKey reads replies, to JellyKey themselves: I love all your caps, this is not a criticism but simply an observation. I also got the Rabbit and Moon Cake caps with this drop and they look amazing. Keep up the good work!
Jan 15, 2018
ColdFusionNot doubting you but can you at least post some pictures. Would be appreciated. Thanks.
Jan 17, 2018
ColdFusionwell earlier in the discussion JK said that the lion shown on the drop page is unfinished and the more recent photos they posted in discussion do seem to look better
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