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Kailh BOX Cream Mechanical Switches

Kailh BOX Cream Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
Combining two of its most popular switch designs—BOX and Cream—Kailh has created a new switch that’s both durable and a joy to press. It’s called the Kailh BOX Cream, and it features the same design as the linear Cream, with Kailh’s BOX housing for extra protection Read More

Nov 11, 2021
are these good stock?
bensoodersNecro reply for anyone browsing the comments of the latest drop; I'm not going to say they are bad stock - they aren't - but to really unlock the potential of these switches you will need to lube them. If you're looking for a linear that's good to go from the package, I'd recommend any one of these:
  • TTC ACEs
  • TTC Wilds
  • Gateron Vermilion Birds
  • Gateron CAP V2s
  • Gateron Oil Kings
  • Gazzew LTs (short travel)
BOX Creams a bit boney stock, and the springs could use an oil bath - but they have a satisfying clack, don't care which direction you mount them, and a freshly-opened jar of them makes a great alternative to "hey, smell my finger" ;)
DeadeyeDaveStock Momoko Frogs, Alpacas, and Inovokey Matcha Latte are good
Man... I say this as someone who continues to happily buy a fair amount of stuff on this website - you guys really need to hire or commission a product description writer that's actually into the hobby a given product falls into. That paragraph reads like pure context-clues marketing wank - which is kinda unnecessary, because these Box Creams are pretty darn good on their own merits. You'll notice the guy who first commissioned these barely describes them at all on his own site, letting the specs, materials, and design choices speak for themselves. It might be a little too light on info, but I'll take that over factually incorrect fluff. Box Creams are not super smooth, but they are very pleasant to use, and I do recommend them. Imagine a more stable, North-facing-friendly Gateron Yellow with a slightly harder bottom-out, and you won't be too far off. Personally, my favorite thing to do with Box Creams is to put Silent Box Brown stems in them - that's been my daily driver switch for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love it.
Sep 6, 2021
DeadeyeDaveYou just HAD to make me aware that silent box browns could get even better didn't you... Now I have to spend twice as much to make these frankenswitches. For real though, thanks. The slient thocc is amazing with that set up. Removes the scratchy feeling from stock browns.
Oct 31, 2021
DeadeyeDavebox cream housings with a silent box brown stem - hard not to call that the Noctua switch!
Apr 16, 2021
Lol - no credit to creator - creams but with reduced modability - and harder to lube.
Apr 16, 2021
How do these compare to the original cream switches?
  • - Not as heavy
  • - More stable (especially on bottom-out)
  • - A bit less scratch; more of a light grain
  • - Less-sharp clack (doesn't bottom-out on a center pole)
  • - North-facing Cherry/GMK compatibility
  • - Factory lubed
  • - IP56 dust and water resistant
Apr 15, 2021
Funny how NovelKeys' name was never mentioned in this page when they are the one who created the switch. $2 more on noveltykeys' website but no wait.
Apr 14, 2021
Wait for the cream.
Apr 14, 2021
This is a 5 pin switch BTW everyone. Make sure it's compatible with whatever board you're putting this on. Don't be a dumbass like me :)
Apr 15, 2021
MooshMooshMooshI'd rather blame the keyboard or PCB than the switch if the switches don't fit in. ;-)
Apr 15, 2021
Yes, e.g. the Domikey × Kailh Cyberpunk switches (also sold by Drop) have a hard time with Millmax sockets. Their pins are IIRC about 0.17mm wider than those from e.g. Zealios. In the end I used the Cyberpunk switches in a keyboard with an acrylic thick plate where normal switches popped out of the Millmax sockets way too often. So with a bit of force, that fail with the too wide contact pins became a win-win situation in the end. :-)
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