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Sep 11, 2014
I'm happy that this hit the lowest price! I picked up these speakers to try them out (I will be returning them so I can get the Massdrop price) and I'm quite impressed. I've been playing various types of music from them for about an hour. Comparing them to my cheapo CyberAcoustics 2.1 system ($40) and the Audioengine A2s which I tried out a week ago ($250), they blow both out of the water for sure.
When I switch in between my CyberAcoustics and the YU5s, it goes from practically no mids to a nice balanced sound. They even do bass better than the dedicated sub on the CyberAcoustics. From the A2s to the YU5s is even bigger of a difference as I thought the A2s were even worse than my CyberAcoustics. The A2s are all bass and the mids and highs just aren't all that present at all. The YU5s add in the mids and highs while performing more clearly in the bass section than the A2s.
Sound seems to be very clear on these speakers. They seem to have a good enough soundstage and nothing sounds congested at all (my CyberAcoustics were bad for this). Sibilance can be a bit of an issue depending on the song but this can be fixed by reducing the treble one or two notches via the controller. Lows, mids and highs seem to be very balanced. Having the option to make the speakers more bassy and fun or to give it more of an analytical sound will prove to be very useful.
The various inputs are useful as I will be able to switch from Bluetooth on my phone to the optical out on my computer's sound card and over to my TV's optical out if I want to. I don't see the 3.5mm jack on the speakers being used much by me. So far, I've only used the 3.5mm jack and bluetooth as I don't have any optical cables lying around. I have yet to see how well the built in DAC performs. The controller is nice and responsive and makes adjusting volume, bass and treble on a song to song basis easy enough to be worth doing. The left and right speaker balance function seems useless to me but YMMV.
Overall, these are very solid speakers based off my initial impressions. Can't comment on the durability due to my limited time with them but no issues whatsoever have been encountered so far. For $250, I can say that these are well worth the money. I'm posting this initial impressions review so that others might join in on this deal. $20 shipping for Canadians really is awesome. Great work Kanto! Look forward to seeing the SUB8 on Massdrop!
A picture is attached. Not great quality as it was taken on my phone but these speakers do look pretty darn good.
Sep 11, 2014
Sep 12, 2014
That is a bad ass setup! Thanks for the review! (Y)
Sep 12, 2014
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