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Keebmonkey Air Duster System V2

Keebmonkey Air Duster System V2

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Product Description
The Keebmonkey Air Duster System was already a powerful accessory for keeping your desk and keyboard setup clean—and now, the Air Duster System V2 adds four gears of functionality in an all new design to de-dust even the most demanding Battlestations. With the precision and punch of four new levels of adjustable power (46, 63, 72, and 80 thousand RPMs), you can really dial in the pressure you want—whether you’re looking to delicately clean a more sensitive surface, or you want to blast away tough debris Read More

Sep 11, 2023
It's cheaper on Amazon and AliExpress. Keebmonkey is again trying to sell junk from AliExpress on Drop with a high markup pretending it's a new product.
Oct 9, 2023
PointyTheir shit is always pre-order so they can buy only what they need, it's ridiculous that this is allowed. It's so clear what's going on.
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