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Keebmonkey IN14 Walnut Nixie Clock With Driver

Keebmonkey IN14 Walnut Nixie Clock With Driver

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Product Description
Keebmonkey’s IN14 Walnut Nixie Clock With Driver takes all the old-school, classic style of real Nixie tubes and banks in an intelligent driver and sensor system to bring time-telling into the modern day. Sitting on an all-wood, blackheart sycamore base that’s been CNC machined to snugly house the tubes on top, this clock builds on an organic-feeling foundation Read More
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Nov 22, 2023
Hi, i have old IN-14 nixie tubes cccp marked that i would like to make use of. Is it possible to buy this kit without the tubes?
Nov 26, 2023
no. But nixieshop dot com sells kits without tubes