Keydous NJ80 Barebones Bluetooth RGB Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Keydous NJ80 Barebones Bluetooth RGB Hot-Swappable Keyboard

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Product Description
The approach that the Keydous NJ80 takes is everything a kit should be in terms of customization. This 75% keyboard features 80 keys for just the right amount of control, a scroll wheel in the top right for assigning further parameters to your setup, and a PCB with hot-swappable switch sockets Read More

Has anyone researched changing the knob? Purchasing this for my son (the 8yr old mechanical keyboard expert-haha!) Cohen asked me about changing the knob to something more along the lines of an artisan version, told him I was not sure, but surely we are not the first...... He has his eye on some switches he discovered from Switch and Click called Azure Dragon from Gopolar. Im going to try and match the color scheme of the new knob to switches. If any one has any suggestions or advice I'm all ears.
Dec 14, 2021
> receives email from drop > reads email from drop "oh, a delay... okay, so maybe late january instead?" > march lol bruh
Dec 16, 2021
Pretty disappointed. First and probably only thing I'll order from drop...
Nov 4, 2021
When I saw this I went," Wow another GMMK Pro," and then I saw alot of the other small details that they changed.
Oct 9, 2021
New to the keeb scene.. but whats reason not for buy from Alliexpress and getting in a month, besides saving a few bucks?
I'd add that if you're just getting into the hobby, look for a hot swappable ready-to-go keyboard. That way you can try switches and keycaps later.
Dec 8, 2021
Agreed. Going that route will make life easier and they won't have to sit around trying to figure out what switches or keycaps they want and where to buy them from. Even if they end up not liking the switches, they at least have the experience of using those switches to choose their next ones.
Oct 8, 2021
I think Glorious left their Gmmk pro molds somewhere in the drawer and these guys found them.. this just brutal copy
Oct 25, 2021
It never was all that special, it was just the price it came at while copying the Satisfaction 75. “Copying” in mechanical keyboards isn’t anything new, most releases aren’t anything original, maybe just some cooler engravings or other small things, and the ones that are original are just “copied” at some point. Regardless, there’s always some difference between things that “copied” whatever other thing.
Dec 26, 2021
like, classifying any exploded hotswap 75% isn't really a GMMK pro ripoff because there are many hotswap 75% but the knob is kinda one but it's not really a direct ripoff considering that it is plastic and not gasket mounted.
Oct 6, 2021
I'm curious about the delay of Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz dongle. Everyone on their reviews say that 2.4 GHz is smooth, but Bluetooth has occasional double tapping/stuck key and disconnects (what can I say, typical Bluetooth).
Oct 8, 2021
is this your first build? If so, might as well do HS than soldered. Varmilo boards fantastic. Leopolds are of high quality too. I am a fan of 1800 layouts, but hard to find. NJ80 looks nice so enjoy it when it arrives. make sure you take pictures next year.
Oct 8, 2021
Not my first. I'm currently using Varmilo VB87, which I finally modded a month ago. No hate for Gateron clears, but they are horrible both stock and lubed. I put lubed and filmed Gateron SMD yellows (old version), two layers of sponge Neoprene between PCB and stainless steel plate, bottom case, one layer of Neoprene on top case, and fully modded genuine Cherry stabilizers, which surprisingly were already inside the keyboard when I purchased it. One thing that I regret doing is that when I Holee moded stabs, they sounded very mushy, so I cut the pad that is supposed to be in the middle, and left only on 50 degrees angle side. Now, left side of the spacebar and left shift kinda rattle, but not on the same scale as unmoded stabs. More lube on both sides of hole didn't help. Honestly, if it wasn't for unstable Bluetooth connection (sometimes, I experience double click/stuck key press), I wouldn't have looked for other keyboards.
Oct 7, 2021
More GMMK price if it where in a plastic/acrylic case
Oct 2, 2021
Would have been great if the brass plate was offered as an option